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    Better cash flow ingame

    I support this, it would allow cash flow into the game for new people so it can make progression much easier and they could actually save up for certain things by PLAYING.
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    looks good to me, but i think you need upgrade the maget to pick up at least 100-200b if you doing an update like this just a thought if not even more as 100b at 100m a time really wont take that long just my opinion. also selling items to the junk shop can it plz go strat to being in bills and cash i lost a lot of gp selling to much at once lol.
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    Big Castle

    Better cash flow ingame

    Hello Manics. I've watched around the money income on manic, thinking that we need a way to accumulate more money ingame. So i've decided to start this thread, to start making more cash get ingame which results in higher currencies, but also easier for newer players to actually get a chance to make money and buy what they like to buy. The whole point of this concept is that rn we only have end game ways to kinda make money or gambling. In the long end that's gonna be boring, so i was thinking that we would make bosses/npcs have a chance on dropping bill tickets and their regular drop. Take this as an example. New players For example you could have the chance of getting bill ticket drop other than the regular drop table. So from maybe ::mbossing, other then dropping the primal boots which is needed for sacri, you could have 1/25 or even 1/50 chance of dropping bill tickets from 500m-5 bill tickets so that new players could in the long end earn money even without getting drops so having the double chance of making money. We would be adding bill ticket drops to most of the major npc’s with the harder bosses dropping more bill tickets and the easiest ones dropping less. Even at mid/engame there should be some bosses dropping bill tickets but in a higher amount. For example, having bandos avatars dropping 1-100 bill tickets, 1-15 chance of 1-25 bill tickets, 1-30 for 25-40 bill tickets and 1-75 hitting the 40-100 bill ticket drop. So that we always will have money floating ingame and have the drops besides that to also make even more cash. By doing this update, we will be introducing the new Trillion ticket aswell, so we have different currencies. Got any suggestions to this? Be sure to write it in the comment section! Best regards The manic team and Big Castle
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    Better cash flow ingame

    It's a nice idea, but wouldn't that just bring the price of each and every item up, which kind of make the point of this change make no impact? How about just increasing the Coin drops? like from these 100k~ -> 1m~ drops up to 20-50m ? So they have even while grinding Slayer Points or farming a Boss without luck a chance to get something out of it in the end, without too much influx in Economy. That are my thoughts about this, but in the end i think there has to be some sort of change aswell, what you think about them? **Edit for being Dumb
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    Boss Souls

    Hello Manic, So I had an idea of adding boss "souls" as a drop. This would function similar to how PVM chests work but they would be dropped from every boss and give more of an incentive to get into higher level PvM. Three ways I could see it implemented: Each boss has their own soul type and own chest that could be opened. The rewards would be based on what they have as "rares" plus some other rare P2P items or bil ticket. This would be optimal but then there would be a huge amount of chests as we have so many custom bosses so this could get cluttered and confusing for new players. Other way, still different souls based on the boss but the amount required to open one grand chest where there are much more rewards from all bosses would be different. For example, 100 souls from chaos ele could open the chest or just 3 from behemoth. Last way is similar to the second where there is one big chest of rewards but every boss drops the same soul but in different amounts. This would be based on the difficulty of the bosses and time required to kill but those that are harder, behem and bavas would give more than intro level bosses. Let me know what you think about this idea, ways of implementation and possible rewards. I wanted to include this for high level PvM as of now you can get the same amount of gp/hr doing skilling which requires less effort and preparation. This could also be used as a way to go from normal sacrificial armour to sacrificial-X. Thanks!
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    Mother Goose

    The Official Stat Guide

    Use Control + F for specific items! Melee gear Obsidian Amour - Obtainable at ::kz Vesta armor - Obtainable at ::revs Statius Amour - Obtainable at ::Revs Zombie Armour - Obtaining at ::zk Bloodlust DH - Gift of Darkness (Baller Shop) Bone third age - obtained at bone shop at home Torva armour - Obtained at ::glod & Bandos Avatars Gold torva - Obtainable at Demonic gorillas pk tele Ruby torva - Obtainable at Demonic gorillas pk tele Sapphire torva - Obtainable at Demonic gorillas pk tele Emerald torva - Obtainable at Demonic gorillas pk tele Purple torva - Obtainable from annihilation store 750k points Tusk set - Obtainable from vote shop 2 Ghostly Torva - Ancient Rev Knight Dragonchaos Set - Gift of Darkness (Baller Shop) Rainbow warrior set - Obtainable from giant mole Lava armor - Obtainable from ::fareed Blood Torva - ::zammy Dismal Torva Set - Nomad Icydeath armor - Obtainable from ::sw Warden Set - ::moi Green Martian Set - Vote Shop Celestial Martial Set - Annihilation Shop Royal Martian Set - Treuss Team Boss Deathly Set Lightning Dragon Set - Gift of Darkness (Baller Shop) Evil Primal - Donation Shop Knightmare20 Set - ::sw DBZ Torva - Donation Slayer Set - Slayer Master Darkness Set - ::necro Assassination Set - Donation Shop Berserker Set - Donation Shop Enraged DH Set - Donation Shop Corrupted Gladiator Set - Donation Shop Tiger Set - ::To Haze Torva - Baller Shop Aqua Lord Set - Donation store Toxic Torva Set - Baller shop Loudpurp Torva Set - Dontation Store Melting Torva Set - Donation Store Icy Dragon Set - Donation store Godly Armour Set - Baller Shop Guardian Set - Instanced Dungeon Shadow Torva Set - Gifts of Darkness (Baller Shop) Sacrificial Armour Set - Type ::Sacri Ingame Sacrificial-X Armour Set - TBA Cold Emperor Set - Baller Shop Blue Dream Set - Donation Store Magma Emperor set - Magma Box (Donation Store) Blood Lava Set - Special Donation Lava Torva - Special Donation Hybrid gear Dragonbone Set - Big Bone Trader 14k Torva Set - ::to Destruction Torva - ::Sw Sun God Set - ::Moi Lava Eclipse Set - Ultimate PVM Dungeon Water Eclipse Set - Ultimate PVM Dungeon Cold Eclipse Set - Ultimate PVM Dungeon Magma Eclipse Set - Ultimate PVM Dungeon K.B.D Torva Set - Instanced Dungeon K.B.D Summoners Helm - Donation Shop Ranged gear Morrigans Set - ::revs Pernix Set - Bandos Avatars, Glod, PVP shop Sagittarian Set - Content to be re-added Lime Sentinel Set - ::Moi Vanguard Set - PVP Shop Trickster Set - ::Zombies or PVP Shop Dragon Emperor's Set - Instanced Dungeon Legendary Wolf Set - Wilderness Bosses Imperial Set - Behemoth Magic gear Zuriels Set - ::revs Ganodermic Armour Set - Nomad Virtus Set - Glod, Bandos Avatars and PVP Shop Battlemage Set - PVP Shop Celestial Set - Penance Queen Skeletal Set - ::Se Codeine King Set - ::Moi Dragonbone Mage Set - Big Bone Trader Frost-Mage Set - ::af Esoteric Set - Treuss Team Boss Eldermage Set - Baller Shop CAPES Water Cape - Underwater Minigame Red Fire Cape - ::Tds Infernal Cape - ::jad Purple Fire Cape - ::Af Extreme Water Cape - Underwater Minigame Green Wings - The Inadequacy Cream Wings - The Inadequacy Yellow Wings - The Inadequacy Red Wings - The Inadequacy Purple Wings - The Inadequacy Cyan Wings - The Inadequacy Wyvern Wings - ::raids Immortal Cape - Treuss Group Boss Veteran Wings - Loyalty Shop Ironman Cape - Prestige shop (Ironmen only) Weed God Cape - Gift of Darkness (Baller Shop) Dragon Wings - Baller Shop Death Cape - Baller Shop Eagle Cape - Baller Shop Soul Reaper Cape - Baller shop Draconical Cape - Instanced Dungeon Drop Boost Cape - Baller Shop AMULETS Amulet of Fury - Craft! Amulet of Ranging - ::ce (Wildy) Ying-Yang Amulet - ::pq Blood Necklace - Promo Mystery Boxes Amulet of Might - ::ts Amulet of Valor - Annihilation Shop Eternal Amulet - Combine Valor and Eternal Gem from Treuss RINGS Warriors Ring - ::dk Archers Ring - ::dk Seers Ring - ::dk Berserkers Ring - ::dk Ring of 100 Prayer - ::sw, ::to, Legendary Mboxes Ring of Corruption - Slayer Master Ring of Vendetta - Slayer Master Ring of Betrayal - Slayer Master Fighters Ring of Wealth - Baller Shop Sacrificial Ring - Combine Glorious Sacri Kit with FROW GLOVES Dragon Slayer Gloves - ::kq Gloves of Velocity - Vote Shop Gold Gloves - Vote Shop Zamorak Gloves - Vote Shop Gloves of Silence - Baller shop Shields Protectors Ward - Annihilation shop Guardians Ward - Annihilation shop Malediction Ward - ::zombies Odium Ward - ::zombies Dragonfire Shield - ::kbd or Mystery boxes Farseer Shield - PKP Shop Chaotic Kite - PKP Shop Eagle-Eye Shield - PKP Shop Spectral Spirit Shield - ::corp or PKP Shop Arcane Spirit Shield - ::corp or PKP Shop Elysian Spirit Shield - ::corp or PKP Shop Divine Spirit Shield - ::corp or PKP Shop Martian Spirit Shield - Prestige Shop Rage fire Spirit Shield - Gift of Darkess (Donation shop) D00m Spirit Shield - Prestige Shop Plasma Spirit Shield - Prestige Shop Spirit Shield of Darkness 14k White Spirit Shield Crystal Shield of Divinity - Annihilation Shop Crystal Shield of Destiny - Annihilation Shop Demonic Shield - PVM Chest Royal Shield of Ranging - Treuss Group Boss Shield of the Lords - Baller Shop Merlins Shield - Treuss Group Boss Defenders and Off-hands Dragon Defender - Warriors guild Elemental Defender - Warriors Guild Flameburst Defender - ::ce Gold Defender - Warriors Guild Kryptonite Defender - Treuss Group boss Stone Off-hand - Off-hand Minigame Emerald Off-hand - Off-hand Minigame Amethyst Off-hand - Off-hand Minigame Sapphire Off-hand - Off-hand Minigame Corrupted Off-hand - ::raids Melee Weapons Dragon Claws - ::tads or Mystery Boxes or PKP Shop Hailstorm Dagger - Ket-Zek or PKP Shop Korasi - Avatar of Destruction or PKP Shop Spear of Despair - PVM Chest Abyssal Whip - Abby demons or ::to Abyssal Vine Whip - Vote Shop Kalphite Scythe - ::kq Elemental Whip - ::pc Relic Blade - PVM Chest Swift Fury - ::barrel KBD Katana - ::kbd Chaotic Rapier - PKP Shop or Avatar of destruction Whip of Rage - Vote Shop Dusty Godsword - PVM Chest Statius Warhammer - ::barrel Barbed Sword - Vote Shop Sir Ericsons Dual Blades of Slicing and Dicing - Instanced Dungeon Bronze Korasi - Warriors Guild 2.0 Vesta Longsword - ::barrel Chaotic Rapier i - PVP Shop Chaotic Longsword - Avatar of Destruction and PVP Shop Scythe of Darkness Ghostbuster - ::imd Water Korasi - Warriors Guild 2.0 Thoks Sword - Annihilation Shop Primal 2H - Avatar of Destruction Lime Korasi - Warriors Guild 2.0 Infinity Maul - Guthix Dungeon Corrupted Drygore Mace - ::raids Anchor of Glory - ::barrel Necromancer Water Staff - ::necro Necromancer Fire Staff - ::necro Drygore Mace - ::to and Legendary Mbox Sun Korasi - Warriors Guild 2.0 Zaros - ::zombies Gold AGS - PKP Shop Necromancer Air Staff - ::necro Frenzy Whip - Annihilation Shop Drygore Longsword - ::to Whip of Rejuvenation - ::Iq Sun Korasi - Warriors guild 2.0 Necromancer Earth Staff - ::necro Drygore Rapier - PKP Shop, Promo Mboxs, ::to Primal Maul - Avatar of Destruction Chaotic Maul i - PVP Shop Forest Korasi - Warriors Guild 2.0 Slayer Sword - Slayer Master Whip of Destruction - Donation Shop Necromancer Lava Staff - ::necro Rose Korasi - Warriors Guild 2.0 Katana of the Underworld - Donation Shop Infernal Blade - Gift of Darkness (Baller Shop) Necromancer Mud Staff - ::necro Anger Sword - Slash Bash Grapes Korasi - Warriors Guild 2.0 Reborn Blade Rapier of Death - PVM Chest Fire Korasi - Warriors Guild 2.0 Infinity Blade Necromancer Steam Staff - ::necro Venom Blade - Ultimate PVM Chest Dark Korasi - Warriors Guild 2.0 Fireblood Rapier - ::pho Light Korasi - Warriors Guild 2.0 Tri Whip - Baller Shop Icy Whip Set - (whip ::iq) (gloves baller shop) Disturbed Whip Set - Baller shop/Donation Shop Frenzy Maul - Annihilation Shop Sword of Resurrection - Baller Shop Sword of the Kings - $ RANGE WEAPONS Handcannon - ::dzone Xanax Crossbow - ::bork Dark Bow - Dark Beasts Glorious Crossbow - Ultimate PVM Chest Chaotic Crossbow - PKP Shop or Avatar of Destruction Saradomin Bow - Vote Shop Zaryte Bow - ::mole Mutant Crossbow - ::tarn Toxic Blowpipe - ::ss Bounty Bow - Vote Shop Sagittarian Longbow - Vote Shop Royal Crossbow - PVM Chest Bow of Songs - ::dzone Water Handcannon - Underwater Minigame Frenzy Crossbow - Annihilation Shop Bow of Redemption - ::dzone Black Crystal Bow ::titan Red Crystal Bow - Agility Bow of Slaying - Instanced Dungeon Oblivion Bow - Revenant Dragon Sighted Hexhunter Bow - ::Imd Minigun - Baller Shop Draconical Bow - Instanced Dungeon Blessed Crossbow - Baller Shop MAGIC WEAPONS Trident of the Seas - ::ss Burials Staff - ::revs Chaotic Staff - PVP Shop Celestial Catalytic Staff - Legendary Mbox Polypore Staff - Loyalty Shop, Legendary Mbox Toxic Staff of The Dead - ::ss Frostbitten Blade - Guthix Dungeon Staff of Conjuring - PVM chest Esoteric Staff - Guthix Dungeon Elder Wand - ::ts Wand of the Underworld - ::pod Esoteric Staff - Combine Glorious Sacrificial Kit and Esoteric Staff Armadyl Battlestaff - Baller Shop
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    Hello Manic I know it was just yesterday that we last released an update but today I'm feeling pretty good and decided to release yet another one. This update will improve money making drastically, offers originally only P2P gear now to F2P, plus the Zombie Torva set with rechargeable god mode and very tanky defence has been introduced in-game. This update is aimed towards beginner all the way to end game tier players. To start this update To start this update, first grab the zombie head laying at the floor at home. The Zombie head's abilities The zombie head has 2 abilities. 1. For one, it allows you to view the new zombie minigame shop. 2. The zombie head allows you to visit the zombie wave minigame Viewing the Shop Prices: The Zombie Mechanism costs 3,500 zombie tokens to purchase All donor mystery boxes up to Melting box cost 6,500 tokens to purchase To play the Minigame Click Play Minigame from your Zombie head. Previewing the Minigame Recommendations for Minigame It is recommended to bring Armour in the Torva stat range along with a weapon that's at least an icy whip or Whip of Rejuvenation. A divine spirit shield or offhand would be helpful. Rewards at End of 16 total zombie waves After 16 zombie waves, you will earn 100 zombie token & one bill. The first initial defeating of the minigame will reward you in our all new Zombie Torva. This Special Torva set is very tanky and has rechargeable godmode. Here is a picture of the set. This set is UNTRADABLE. Although untradable, it is very effective against bosses that deal lots of damage. This set is obtainable by MOST players. That is it for now, thanks for reading! Brought to you by: The Manic Team & Mother Goose
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    Server Events

    I believe we need a new event for weekends. Those Box events are kinda old, and good drops are extremely rare. I think we need an event that will bring the community together. Like maybe on weekends top 5-10 ppl get drops from ::to or ::sw for more group bossing etc. May be a bad example. Just throwing tips out there
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    Pvm Chest and Key Guide

    As you might have noticed, you'll receive PVM keys from various bosses, now 1 key isn't enough to open a chest, PVM chests are boss hunts! Here is a quick guide to help you through these boss hunts. Pvm Chest #1 It's the chest on the left. You're gonna need pvm keys # 1-8 (Keys 1-8 all have the same drop rate) Pvm Keys 1-3: ::dk Dagannoth Supreme: Drops Pvm Key #1 and use melee against him Dagannoth Prime: Drops Pvm Key #2 and use range against him Dagannoth Rex: Drops Pvm Key #3 and use magic against him Pvm Key 4: ::zammy Pvm Key 5: ::titan Pvm Key 6: ::sara Pvm Key 7: ::jd Pvm Key 8: ::tarn You need to have every key 1-8 in your inventory to be able to open the pvm chest #1 Simply click on the pvm chest #1 when you're ready with the keys in your inventory Rewards: 100% Chance of 60-75m cash 1 in 2 Chance of a "Dusty Godsword" 1 in 10 Chance of a "Scythe of Darkness" 1 in 25 Chance of a "Man" 1 in 40 Chance of a "Rapier of Death" Pvm Chest #2 It's the chest on the right. You're going to need pvm keys #9-16 to open this chest Pvm Key 9: ::kq (1 in 15 chance) Pvm Key 10: ::bandos (1 in 15 chance) Pvm Key 11: ::arma (1 in 15 chance) Pvm Key 12: ::necro (1 in 10 chance) Pvm Key 13: ::fareed (1 in 10) Pvm Key 14: ::zk (1 in 20) Pvm Key 15: ::pq (1 in 15) Pvm Key 16: ::af (1 in 10) You need to have every key 9-16 in your inventory to be able to open the pvm chest #2 Simply click on the pvm chest #2 when you're ready with the keys in your inventory Rewards: 100% chance of 1-4 crystal keys and 0-2 abyssal whips 1 in 2 Chance of a "Relic Sword" 1 in 10 Chance of a "Spear of Dispear" 1 in 25 Chance of a "Demonic Kiteshield" Ultimate Pvm Chest #3 This chest is a little different, you'll need to get these keys in SPECIFIC ORDER. Follow these steps 1 by one, don't skip a step or this won't work! 1. Achieve a Revenant Knight key from the Revenant Knight - 1 in 30 Drop Chance 2. Achieve a Regular Ice Demon Key Tooth & Loop from the Regular Ice Demons - 1 in 20 Drop Chance (NOTE: Must have Revenant Knight Key in your inventory) 3. Achieve a Grand Ice Demon Key from the Grand Ice Demon - 1 in 2 Drop Chance (NOTE: You must have Regular Ice Demon Key in your inventory) 4. Achieve a Scroll of Disenchantment from Jad - 1 in 35 Drop Chance (NOTE: Must have Grand Ice Demon key in your inventory) 5. Get your best gear, and bring food! PVM chest 3 is guarded by a boss that you can't soulsplit, so bring food! 6. Kill the boss and receive your reward! Rewards: 1 Pair of Dragon boots & 1 Amulet of Fury Garantueed Any Third age Piece - 1 in 4 Drop Rate (U have the chance to get multiple third age pieces from 1 chest) Glorious Crossbow - 1 in 15 drop rate Staff of Conjuring - 1 in 20 drop rate Sword of Venom - 1 in 55 drop rate Links to original PVM chest update logs:
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    Great work,rolling out the updates! First of all i love the concept of this new minigame. I like the fact that it able to be completed by players at different stages in the game. Last of all great looking set with very good defence with awesome ability's. I really like this reward system and love that this is for personal gains, reward system for this minigame is perfectly balanced imo. Cant wait to try this out -----GREAT WORK MANIC TEAM & MOTHER GOOSE -----
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    Manic .::Economic Improvements::. ~Along with Better Benefits for our New Players~ I want to keep this update short and simple because that's exactly what it is. We buffed alch prices on skilling items & added new methods for making quicker cash. We also added some large gold drops to a majority of the bosses within game. To finish off this update, beginner's get a new place to train allowing for better drops for a total of 2 hrs along with a new custom weapon and ring of wealth for the new players. Let's get more in depth to the details of the update shall we? .::Skilling Adjustments::. 1) make chinchompas great again - 7m per chinchompa ~ 4.6B an hr 2) implings, max impling dragon, 9m per looting ~ 4.32b an hr 3) stalls, last stall, 3.25m per thieve ~ 3.5b an hour 4) tickets are 2.1m at & at ::mz while making ~ 3.78B bills an hour 5) rocktails are 3.3m each & making ~ 3.96B per hour 6) member thief stall - 3.75M per click & makes ~ 4.05B an hr .::Beginner Improvements::. 1) Untradable ring that is the same as a Legendary Ring of Wealth this item last for 48 hours (2 days) now offered to beginner's 2) Untradable weapon that degrades in 48 hours that is called the Beginner's Whip .::Beginner Only Zone::. - copied rock crab with 500 hp - used penguins for the zone - 2hrs of time max to be in this zone - 25m cash drops per npc drop - drop tables as revenant knight, all godwars dungeon bosses, moles Access @ ::nub2rich That is it for now, thanks for reading! Brought to you by: The Manic Team & Mother Goose
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    Better cash flow ingame

    Absolutley, any update we do especially with the eco we spend manyyyyyy many hours on every detail, community input for this is essential as well. @e t h a n
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    e t h a n

    Better cash flow ingame

    i'd suggest something a little less drastic myself, perhaps update the gold4junk and alch prices so that everything is listed or even better buff them..either way you decide to do this will put things into chaos for awhile so be careful ?
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    Mother Goose

    Off-hand Drygore stats

    ty for pointing this out from now on all offhands will have atk bonus the same in every slot.
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    Better cash flow ingame

    It would help draw people in if they could make money without having to try to farm for an item and then sell said item.
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    WILDERNESS The concept behind the King of the Wilderness update is to spice both PVM and PVP up with the true ruler of the wilderness, This will be a competitive item to obtain and maintain. If you are the lucky one to obtain the crown listed below are the effects of the Wilderness Crown. When you have the Crown of the Wilderness: * Permanent skull until the King is slain or leaves the wild * Permanent teleblock until the King leaves the wild * Leaving wild or logging out with the crown sends it back to it's spawn King of the Wilderness Crown perks: * Operate crown to refill special attack with 3-5 minute cool down * 139 is the max HP with the crown of the wild * 5% damage boost in PvP * Weaken npc's attacks by 25% within the wild * Increased E.P. gain speed by 15% * Increase chance at wilderness keys by 5% Some special things to take note: * After someone dies the crown spawns in 2 hours * Crown takes 2 hrs to spawn after server restarts "If every fool wore the crown, we would all be Kings"
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    was a fun update to code hope the players enjoy this one
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    Hello my fellow Maniacs. Today we present you with a 3 day marathon of PVM Scavenger hunting (Ends Saturday). Below are the NPCs that you can kill to begin your scavenge hunt after the Enchanted PVM gifts. ---Update--- Drops for the enchanted PVM chests are held on Saturdays! So tune in on Saturdays for those special Events! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kbd, nomad, strykewyrms, grim reaper, necromancer, chaos elemental drop rate: 1 in 275 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire marshal, skeleton warlord, Prince of darkness, glod 1 in 165 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Treus dayth 1 in 50 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Loot from Chests:
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    alch the items that count.