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  1. If you run into issues running the ManicPS Loader.jar file, simply try downloading and executing the following program: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3xakqoukbqy5fa6/jarfix.exe?dl=0
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    [Giveaway]ManicPS Showcase+Beginners Guide

    nice video brother thanks for the recording.
  3. Hey manic! we got a brand new content packed update for you today. Drop table revamps Behemoth The brand new lava jester set has been added into the chest of gains that can be obtained when defeating the Gluttonous Behemoth. This set will play a vital part in the upcoming update so be sure to get your hands on it early on. Kalphite Queen The dragon slayer gloves can be upgraded with the brand new kalphite glove upgrade scroll dropped from the Kalphite Queen. using the kalphite glove upgrade scroll on the dragon slayer gloves will increase the stats on the dragon slayer gloves. Barrelchest The food pouch can now be upgraded with the brand food pouch ugrade scroll. The amount of items that can be stored within the food pouch will be upgraded from 10 to 20 and will provide you great help in various places all around manic. Ice Strykewyrms The icy katana has been added into the drop table of the Ice Strykewyrms. The icy katana has a chance to trigger the build in criticial hits which will give you a guaranteed hit of 300. Desert Strykewyrms The flying carpet has been added as a very rare drop into the drop table of the Desert Strykewyrms and will provide you with a new way to travel all around manic in style. bork The 420 axe has been added into the droptable of Bork. This axe comes with 420 attack bonusses as well as 420 str bonus and has a special attack bar which will use 100% special attack and gives you a guaranteed hit of 420. The Grim Reaper Newly added is the pet mini grim reaper. The mini Grim Reaper pet will be the current best damage dealing pet in game as well as providing you a 15% chance to heal to full hp whenever your health falls below 25. Giant sea snake The serpent's luck can now be obtained as a drop from the giant Sea Snake. Reading the serpent's luck will permanently increase your drop rate. Prince of Darkness The spellcaster's elixer can now be obtained from the Prince of Darkness. drinking the spellcaster's elixer will permanently increase your magicial damage by 5% Giant mole the hardened scroll can now be obtained from the Giant Mole. Reading the hardened scroll will permanently increase your defence by 10%. Fareed The scroll of incineration can now be obtained from Fareed. The scroll of incineration will randomly generate flames around your opponent in P.V.M. content. Zombie King The scroll of the undead can now be obtained from the Zombie King. The scroll of the undead will randomly offer you 30 seconds of Godmode in P.V.M. content. Jungle Demon The jungle frenzy can now be obtained from the Jungle demon. The jungle frenzy will randomly boost your attack speed whenever you are in P.V.M. combat. Penance Queen The akrisae set that can be obtained as a drop from the Penance Queen has been upgraded and is now comparable to an esoteric staff. Mutant Tarn The mutant's crossbow has been recolored for aesthetic purposes and the stats have been revamped to make it comparable with the blessed crossbow. Harambe Nine textured boxing gloves have been added into the drop table of Harambe. Slash Bash The anger upgrade kit has been added into the drop table of Slash Bash using a anger upgrade kit on a anger weapon will turn it into a fury weapon and increases it attack speed as well as providing it with a chance to burn your P.V.M. opponent. Other News: - The collector's necklace will now pick up all rare drops from the floor. - The banking of rare drops with the collector's necklace has been fixed - Summoning monsters will now continue attacking when your opponent is low on hp. - Summoning monsters will now correctly respawn when teleporting out of combat. - Fixed the banking of custom items when you die within the wilderness.
  4. Hey manic! In todays update we've revamped the drop tables of some f2p bosses with items that could previously be obtained in the donator shop Nomad The assassination set has been added to the drop table of Nomad (1 in 1625 per piece) The Fire Marshal The berserker armour set has been added to the drop table of the Fire Marshal (1 in 500 per piece) Rammernaut The corrupted gladiator set has been added to the drop table of Rammarnaut (1 in 1500 per piece) Ice Queen The icy dragon set has been added to the drop table of the Ice Queen (1 in 1500 per piece) Ket-Zek The enraged dharok set has been added to the drop table of Ket-Zek (1 in 750 per piece) Jungle Strykewyrm The toxic torva set has has been added to the drop table of Jungle Strykewyrms (1 in 1500 per piece) The toxic torva set has been removed from the chest of gains (behemoth) Astea Frostweb The shield of the lords has been added to the drop table of Astea Frostweb (1 in 2000) Kree'arra The eagle cape has been added to the drop table of Kree'arra (1 in 1000) K'ril Tsutaroth The death cape has been added to the drop table of K'ril Tsutaroth (1 in 1000) Commander Zilyana The angel death cape has been added to the drop table of Commander Zilyana (1 in 1000) Tree Spirit The mystical knowledge has been added to the drop table of the Tree Spirit (1 in 750) Glod The critical knowledge has been added to the drop table of Glod (1 in 500) General Graardor The juggernaut has been added to the drop table of General Graardor (1 in 1000) Baby Corporeal Beast The d00m spirit shield has been added to the drop table of the baby Corporeal Beasts (1 in 1250) Dagannoth Kings The ring upgrade stones have been added to the drop table of the Dagannoth Kings (1 in 875) King Black Dragon The black h'ween mask has been added to the drop table of the King Black Dragon (1 in 750) The dragon cape has been added to the drop table of the King Black Dragon (1 in 1200) Black knight titan The black partyhat and the black santahat have been added to the drop table of the Black Knight Titan (1 in 600 & 1 in 400) Skilling point store The rainbow party hat has been added into the skilling point store for 65k skilling points.
  5. Hey manic! Todays update is filled with some great new content. Ring enchantment Along with the newly added bill ticket master we've introduced the first upgradable items in the game. From now on you can enchant the fighter's ring of wealth, the ring of betrayal and the sacrificial ring up to a maximum of +10 and adding some great new stats along the way to bring the rings to some new heights. how does it work? The newly added bill ticket master, who can be found next to the well of goodwill give you the option to buy the upgrade stones for 10b each, each stone can be used on the ring you desire to enchant in the hope of bringing it one step closer to the final upgrade. Sacrificial-X the latest instalment in the upgradeable sacrificial armour set Sacrificial-x comes with a 25% stat increasement over the normal sacrificial armour set and can be upgraded by using the right click upgrade items option on the newly added bill ticket master every piece of sacrificial-x can be obtained by upgrading the sacrificial piece of your choice along with 200b cash Blue lava torva Newly added to the bill ticket master is the complete blue lava torva set. The set degrades while in combat and can be completely recharged when it's worn out The set comes with a 1k strenght and some other op stats, as well as a build in vampyre aurore when you equip the complete set. Quest tab overhaul The quest tab has been completely overhauled for your convenience and should provide you a easier way to check all the points you've collected as well as some other information about your account. upgradeable eclipse amour set the eclipse set can be upgraded into a total of 4 new armour sets, each tier more powerfull than the previous one. The initial lava ecilipse set can be purchased at the bill ticket master and can be upgraded all the way to the magma eclipse set, bringing some huge stat increasements along the way. Scratchcards 2 new scratchcards have been added in the game the grand scratchcard can be purchased at the donation store for 15k donor points and gives you a chance to obtain the newly added 'boots of silence' (with the exact same stats as the gloves of silence) the mega scratchcard can be purchased at the baller store for 10 baller ticket and gives you a chance to obtain the newly added 'the silenced sigil' (giving you a 15% max hit increase) Other news: -The previous discontinued item blade of trinity has been added back in the game and can be won as a rare reward from voting -Vampyre aurora has been re-added to the gelatinnoth & instanced dungeon, but has been excluded from behemoth -Soulsplit and any items that can be used to provide the same effects as soulsplit are from now on incompatible with the soul-reaper cape
  6. Basically, I paid 250$ for 25 custom armor sets and weapons, and that sort of custom items. We have a new system where we can create new bosses in 3 seconds! My prosal is a new boss update using the NPC Jad. Basically he has 4 stages. Stage 1 is Rustic jad. Stage 2 is Elemental Jad. Stage 3 is Cryptic jad. Stage 4 is Nemesis Jad. Jad will use the transform packet to transform from his normal state Rustic Jad to his higher forms of Jad. Basically we can create some sort of system as he gets weaker in combat his Jad form evolves and his attacks get stronger / change. This is just a concept but will be put forth into action when we stabilize content development as we have so many new features ideas. This was an update sneak peak from the Manic content development team wishing everyone a good day / weekend to come. So much new ideas ahead and in store, but nonetheless, good content to come. Thanks for reading.
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    New Boss Concepts

  8. avalanche

    New Boss Concepts

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    New Boss Concepts

  10. avalanche

    New Boss Concepts

    Want to see more? Post what boss you'd like to see.
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    Loot fromm 100 barrel chest and 100 Rammernaut

    thanks for sharing.
  12. hey can you please help me im unable to download the client and am unsure why 


  13. staff abusing mute and banned me over something I never was warned about and they said I I was being racist by saying nigga that's all I said and where I am from that is not racist it means homie and they banned my account entirely pure aids without warning

    1. pure aids

      pure aids


      it was either ravel or albinokiwi who did it


    2. pure aids

      pure aids

      im literally ip banned so what do yall want me to do because staff shouldn't be able to abuse this kinda stuff


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    No money? Many problems.

    closed as this suggestion has been completed!
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    Ironman Bill Shop

    the idea isn't half bad. allows iron to obtain specific items that are unobtainable. ill await the opinions of others before we make this an actual update.