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  1. Mother Goose

    Report in-game bugs and get rewarded! [Make Bills!]

    may i ask how you got the mace?
  2. Mother Goose

    Cant log into server

    still having this? PM me
  3. Mother Goose

    Can't log in

    is this still happening
  4. Mother Goose

    Boss Souls

    interesting i remember you telling me this over discord. i think it would be a possible nice addition to a server update i voted yes.
  5. Mother Goose

    Earn 7 Mystery Boxes within minutes!

  6. Mother Goose

    Updates of 11/26/2018 - Zombie Wave Minigame

    we've tested this minigame multiple times and these bugs just are not occurring. maybe if you provide some of the circumstances that were involved in this bug we can better address the issue. thanks.
  7. Mother Goose

    Bank Placeholders Suggestion

    this was listened to!
  8. Mother Goose

    The Key Master

    This can be a future update
  9. Mother Goose

    Boss Pet Changes

    this was listened to!
  10. Mother Goose

    Server Events

    I just wanted to reach out to the community and get your opinions on server events. What is your favorite server event, what event's are we lacking, do we need more server events? How should we run events on manic to your liking? Please provide your opinions.
  11. Mother Goose

    Pass word reset

    Login into an alt then logoff the alt. PM me the username and password of the alt. By going through this process I will verify if the account is yours.
  12. Mother Goose

    Beginner Guide

    this was updated!
  13. Mother Goose

    The Offhand Minigame

    images are outdated they have stats in each attack slot that is melee.
  14. Hello Manic I know it was just yesterday that we last released an update but today I'm feeling pretty good and decided to release yet another one. This update will improve money making drastically, offers originally only P2P gear now to F2P, plus the Zombie Torva set with rechargeable god mode and very tanky defence has been introduced in-game. This update is aimed towards beginner all the way to end game tier players. To start this update To start this update, first grab the zombie head laying at the floor at home. The Zombie head's abilities The zombie head has 2 abilities. 1. For one, it allows you to view the new zombie minigame shop. 2. The zombie head allows you to visit the zombie wave minigame Viewing the Shop Prices: The Zombie Mechanism costs 3,500 zombie tokens to purchase All donor mystery boxes up to Melting box cost 6,500 tokens to purchase To play the Minigame Click Play Minigame from your Zombie head. Previewing the Minigame Recommendations for Minigame It is recommended to bring Armour in the Torva stat range along with a weapon that's at least an icy whip or Whip of Rejuvenation. A divine spirit shield or offhand would be helpful. Rewards at End of 16 total zombie waves After 16 zombie waves, you will earn 100 zombie token & one bill. The first initial defeating of the minigame will reward you in our all new Zombie Torva. This Special Torva set is very tanky and has rechargeable godmode. Here is a picture of the set. This set is UNTRADABLE. Although untradable, it is very effective against bosses that deal lots of damage. This set is obtainable by MOST players. That is it for now, thanks for reading! Brought to you by: The Manic Team & Mother Goose
  15. Mother Goose

    New Zombie Minigame - mystery box at the end

    the concept for the minigame has been shared!