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  1. vanthel

    Goodbye lads.

    Although it pains me to say this i will be quitting manic and resiging my position as mod. Just need to do life stuff and cant be on most of the time while handle that and my business. This was all great fun being and hanging out with you guys and talking with you i hope you all have a good life and i hope one day in the furture manic is #1 on the rsps sites wish you all a good day and ofc what is it with no luck? goodluck my friends -love vanny/some of you hate me though
  2. vanthel


    This post is to inform everyone that I will be gone for a week. I will be in Puerto Rico for a business trip. I shall miss you all and hope you guys have a great week . -love vanny ps: meant to put the topic to vacation/business trip but oh well
  3. vanthel

    Just little ideas

    love the idea of having ::time to see how much we have spent on and how long we have played. As well as changing the symbol for helpers would be good so new players dont get confused
  4. vanthel

    Staff Members.

    I should be replaced cause I took a break off the server? I left for a while to go to Orlando with my family. Which I barely have the chance to talk to. I am back on the server and being active I play for at least 13 hours when I don't get off early cause I'm tired doesn't mean I'm not active. So Devyn just cause you don't see me doesn't mean I have stopped playing. just a little something to add in as well when I did go on my break I yelled it so people can know but apparently you weren't on to see that I guess.
  5. vanthel

    Koschei The Deathless

    very good idea man i highly agree with this
  6. vanthel

    Updates of 6/28/2016

    love it bro always love new bosses
  7. vanthel

    Abyssal Sire

    love this idea although i think its better off if the icy whip and whip of rejuv stays on ice queen. all in all awesome idea and i love it