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  1. ReapexHD


  2. ReapexHD

    godskillz pkp farming

    You broke a major rule.
  3. ReapexHD

    Raid And New Prayers Suggestions

    regen is kinda the same as Turmoil/SS combo. as you have a chance to regen your full damage back in health. So i hit a 68 +22 with my disturbed, i got 90 hp back. so it's not needed. However raid's could work.
  4. ReapexHD

    Harry's return

    Welcome back Harry.
  5. ReapexHD

    I hate doing this but yeah..

    ouch, hope he's ok. Hope your ok too. be strong.
  6. ReapexHD

    Just a community question.

    Personally i think you do a wonderful job from the time i've been back and feel that we all can work more effectively as a unit rather than a split group of staff
  7. ReapexHD

    Future of ManicPS

    Lol i just noticed that too XD
  8. ReapexHD

    Future of ManicPS

    I'm currently writing this as a fan, and staff member of the ManicPS server on what you the fans aswell think should be done about ManicPS. As many are aware we have been lagging hard, losing things, access to shops that not everyone has, and vpn vote boosting to ruin the economy. Personally, from a staff perspective I think this needs to stop. I get that Yesterrune most likely will happen. and I'm fine with that. However, it don't mean i'm a fan of it once so ever. As the manicps server has been expanding we've been suffering more and more latency based issues. I personally have a experience with running game servers as I have been for years now, know that when your player database becomes flooded with more players then it's time to expand. This is what is needed In my opinion. Not another server. Now the other server is fine to have, but it should have a smaller server and not the same one as manic as this effects the players too harshly. The server lag should be handled and staff should be put in place. Currently we have VERY limited staff members (not saying we need more people) and we need people who have power to beable to maintain order. As i've seen porn on the site about 12 times a week and it's getting out of control. It needs to be handled since it seems to be getting fixed 1 time a week sometimes longer. As for the server it's become apparent that people are talking of other servers on the server. and the reason why is because people are fed up with the lag. Also the duped items, or people who have vote bots to vote for them hundreds of times a day and become rich. it ruins the economy and it's gotten to a breaking point in my opinion. Personally This is what should happen: - Staff promotions to give staff who earn it the ability to actually keep order (as some of you know some of our best have left) - To replace the staff that have been promoted, promote those who deserve it! and teach them the ways of staff membering. - Fix the latency issues.This means most likely, moving manic to a different host, fixing the issues, or changing where Yesterrune is hosted. - Think as a group of ideas to better the server. - Disallow the use of a VPN for voting. - Fix the economy - And of course think of new and innovative things to keep people coming back for more. One of the big complaints i get all the time besides lag is the fact no one pvps. And to that i don't mind it as i don't like pvp, some people do though so we should improve that! One thing that comes to mind is the pvp system in the desert in Real Runescape, Where you can bet items and duel for money. We also need to work on scammers and take more action against them. I know this, people have come to me thinking i can do something but with the rules i can't without video proof sadly, as i too was scammed the same way when i first joined. lost all my birthday money worth of donated points and items. Point of the story. We need to fix this. before it's too late. (Helper) ReapexHD
  9. As Title says! The Un-official Discord is now open to everyone to join. To join just download Discord at: https://discordapp.com/ And to join the channel click this link: https://discord.gg/4DKFxad I just ask that everyone be polite and enjoy manicPS! Remember that if you need Ingame staff to do ::staff and see if ones online.
  10. ReapexHD

    Bank Vid/ More to come

    xD nice stuff lol. I'd say borderline hoarding but none the less nice.
  11. ReapexHD

    Um yeeah no.

    I know those feels. I lost my bank (21b) thanks to being scammed by rssux and i had screenshots and people to back me up and it apparently wasn't enough. all he got was sent to the clay mines to mine 1000 clay and my stuff gone. Only time i play anymore is to gamble now cause all my gear i donated for is gone thanks to that haha. Yeah sorry you won't get it back sadly.