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  1. Halp


    I'm confused at what this is about?
  2. Halp

    Future of ManicPS

    Pretty much nailed it... But l like how the only one voting for letting manic fall (so far) is Justin..If he doesn't wanna run this server he myswell sell it, or hire someone to run it for him..
  3. Halp


    Thank you, I'll try.
  4. Halp


    Hey guys, I used to play a lot of RSPS, so if my name seems familiar, it was most likely me. I've been staff on some fairly big rsps's also, but I just look forward to chilling and skilling on this one. I've been playing RS3 for quite awhile now and need something to play while I'm afk on there, so if you ever see me my name is Littlee on there aswell lol. Anyways I'm out of stuff to talk to, see you ingame.