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  1. annex

    Teleport to set up shop

    new comers wouldn't know where to look for player owned shops if there was a teleport. at home its like a learning place where you have general conversations with people, getting to know how things work. afking isn't a bad thing... as people can look at your shop whilst your not there. home is a place of rest where people can just chill, show off their gear and if people want to buy from their shops they can do so. you can only receive a maximum of 1000 loyalty points per 24hours there is really no benefit to afking at home. so why put all that effort in to create a zone for people to go to when home and shops are already in place i don't see the point or issue with this idea.
  2. annex

    Donations and etc?

    this gives the ability to trade donatables with other players.,. all donator items can be traded even the ranks. if you need to find out about prices please feel free to ask a staff member or me to help. be aware that if even if you buy 5k or 10k, 20k 30k points this doesn't give you the rank. so be sure to think of what you want. there are many cool items to utilize with you points. donator store is at home. additional options such as a membership that comes in 31 or 14 day periods. -- 31 days can be bought from players or from the donator store or through prestige points -- 14 day membership can be bought through a shop at home called ''membership bonds'' for 2000m or from players To see more information on the benefits of membership use the command ::benefits in game
  3. annex

    Updates of 9/10/16

    F.M has been discontinued... so has the items. I highly doubt they will be altering them.