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  1. 1.) I like the idea of more wilderness bosses, I agree we do need that. But an 8x EXP area would be way to op I team of 3 could dominate the area and staff can't even be attacked in wild. 2 and 3.) The reason why the shops are at home and stuff is for new people to find them and to be easily accessible. 4.) I think lowering the drop rate of glod would help a little. 5.) None of the items need to be nerfed and if they do what items. 6.) We have a shop for pking. 7.) If you make it so it drops a rare 1/150 just one person is going to get the rare. The person who deals the most damage. It should just stay at 30 votes.
  2. Spuddex

    Goodbye lads.

    Gonna miss you man hope you come back when we are the #1 rsps