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  1. mutkanz

    Name that item

    Penetrator 3000
  2. mutkanz

    [Official] Price Guide Changes

    Well yeah, but the fact that price with credits are the same as whip of destr, it just strange to see that difference in coins
  3. mutkanz

    [Official] Price Guide Changes

    Hey, i agree on most prices, but why Black KBD summoner helm 150-200b? it costs 100k donation points, if we are agreeing on some kind value per credit points/ballers, then it should have to be fixed prices.
  4. Yes I am a melee fan, but destro whip is better
  5. mutkanz


    Have you managed to right click on it?
  6. If i will ever concern to farm theese i will be looking forwards to get only "Man", this thing looks hillarious ! (Ofcourse update is sick as hell, but i am a person who is not interested in range at all :/ ) Great work ManicPS team !!!!!! __________________________ EDIT: Is it possible to get couple of keys from one boss? For example if i farm Chaos Elemental, will i be able to farm X keys from his kind?
  7. mutkanz

    Guess its time for me

    Well hello everyone ! My name's Mantas, a.k.a. Mutkanz or Mut. I'm 26 years young and aging is worst part of this life. By mistake found this server because i was looking to practice on jad killing, ofcourse this server did not met requirements but somehow i haven't played in OSRS since joined here. Server's great, community is great, administrative stuff - superb. Already spent couple of bucks aand looking forward to drain my wallet more. Keep up on going and i will catch you all in game ! BR, Mut
  8. mutkanz


    Welcome to the family Luke !
  9. mutkanz

    What Are you Listening too?

    can you give some likes to this music?
  10. mutkanz

    My youtube channel

    ay nice video. I believe it took some time to get that ely on video