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  1. Hope you are well.

  2. skill godess

    Updates of 8/3/2017

    Great update nice guide very detailed love it keep up the strong work guys.
  3. skill godess

    Whats up guys.

    Welcome back
  4. skill godess

    Updates of 7/19/2017

    This is an amazing update the tokens are still trade able dunno if that will change but all in all amazing work keep up the great job.
  5. skill godess

    New Bosses (Work in Progress)

    Yes i like this, these seem like some nice bosses.
  6. skill godess

    pvm bosses ideas

    Nice suggestion i agree with most of these especially the Nex Angel of death boss however this i feel should be a group boss. Some are debatable such as Gano as nomad is prest 3 and he already drops gano. Still a nice suggestion keep them comming.
  7. skill godess

    New Teleport System/Boss Instance

    thumbs up for this one nicely done coke m8
  8. skill godess

    Suggestions for updates

    So I have been asked to come up with some suggestions for new items and boss ideas so here they are. Items to add: Weapons: Armors: Drygore off hands Tier 8 and 9 armors Twisted bow Swift golioth and Spellcaster gloves Dragonhunter cross bow Twisted buckler Dhin's bulkwrk Serenic Dragon sword Tectonic Elder Maul Maleovlent Wand of the praesul imperium core As far as for a boss I was thinking of a few that i have seen so here they are 1: Vorago is currently the highest level monster in RuneScape, with a combat level of 10,000. Vorago is noted as the hardest boss in RuneScape, and as so, requires a team of high-level players. Vorago drops the Seismic wand, Seismic singularity and Tectonic energy, which is used to make Tectonic armour with level 91+ Runecrafting - the best power magic armour currently in-game. 2: Nex Angel of Death Infused with ancient power from her own creation, Nex: Angel of Death is the upgraded boss encounter with Nex. Players will find they must co-operate as a team to bring her down. Players who bring her down are immensely rewarded, and have a chance of obtaining valuable rewards such as the Wand of the praesul and the imperium core, dual wielded tier 92 magic weaponry, the Praesul codex, which unlocks level 99 curses, and four different cosmetic chests. Here is the link for the bosses mentioned http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Boss This what i have come up with so far if u need more ideas or the stats of any of the above mentioned items just ask u can reach me via forums or ingame Toxic Godess
  9. skill godess

    New boss and morphing weapon

    I see what u mean buy the necklaces but tbh the stats would be more prayer based also not one of the necklace above that u mentioned have a decent prayer bonus considering it would be made out of a monks prayer beads i was thinking stats like +5-10 all attack +10-15 all defense +5-10 strength and +25 prayer also this boss would have to be a hard boss to kill and could maybe a solo boss or even perhaps located in the wildy. As for the drops 1 in 1,500 i think would be good for the morphing weapon drop as we wouldn't want to many players running around with the necklace that turns into a whip with a simple click option like the ring of stone has to morph it. Also some of the other items it can drop should be along the lines of some type of armor. Now i have alot of different armors i can think of but one really stands out to me and it is called Tetsu witch we can make as a more common drop and have superior Tetsu as the rare armor drop. On the note about the necklace being able to morph i don't know if it is possible to have diffrent stats when it is in whip form if so then it should have stats close to destruction if not then maybe keep the necklace and add a different weapon drop such as a destruction or something along that line.
  10. So we were asked a while back to come up with some suggestions such as new bosses and stuff so her is one I though might be interesting to add. His name would be Kiyomori Taira and he would have a nice new weapon drop that can be morphed something never done on a rsps before. His weapon would be a whip made of prayer beads and the beads can be morphed to create a necklace. No as far as the stats on the weapon this is open to suggestions and for the necklace i would like to see it have a nice prayer bonus and maybe some strength and other stats nothing to op. Below is a picture of what the boss could look like along with his weapon. You can copy the link below to see the picture on imagur if it doesn't show up in the post. http://imgur.com/a/1a1ht
  11. skill godess

    We got any anime fans here?

    Well it looks like no one wanted to say it so I will Hellsing one of the best anime series ever made and not to many episodes like naruto. Also i would suggest gundam force and gundam force Zero.