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  1. Brazilian

    Loot from 5 dodian chests by: Brazilian

    I just got luck bro
  2. Okay guys, so I completed 5 dodian chests. You will need time and patience for this one. - I used cannon and titan in some bosses. And my gear i screenshoted too - Sold 2 zaros for 1.5B ea (they are better then thok), so +3B at final loot - Got 10 rares scrolls, 8 super mboxes and 1 legendary mbox - Got 36 ckeys and 4 uncommon and 36 common scrolls Now, the ask: Worth it ? i think so Good luck and have fun everyone
  3. Brazilian

    Been Fun Everyone!

    About me, Suffo, Ouiman, Pvmbawz, Davinci and Ctrimm are going to say bad things about me. 3 of this players started before me then, i dont know if they have power to say about me. If i was mean to you, was because you was trying to sell your account, and this isnt allowed, ijust folow the rules.
  4. Brazilian

    Crazy0g said i scammed him.

    Update: Me and Crazy are good, im going to give back the items for him, so Justin can unban we both.
  5. So, he betted thok and 1b. Then i said gl. he rolled 75 and said s I rolled 1-12-64, thats 77, more then 75. I missclicked dices, or whatever, dosnt matter, i won. Here is the pics, with 2 players who saw it, saying if i scammed or no. Pics > http://imgur.com/a/dqSKF