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    good luck destroying me
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    Updated: i hope you like this background
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    i hope you like it guys if you do leave a comment Updated:
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    Welcome To Scifi GFX SHOP,You May Know Me As Jabux Or Nick Or Mario Or Romieo Or As Scifi, Lots of names Most Famous name Is Jabux Cause Its After my channel Name JabuxEditsHD I am A Pro GFX DESIGNER"GRAPHIC DESIGNER" I do GFX For People Who Request it I take Amount of cash or items in game for some reasons,first is cause i need money and im poor But also Because i wanna help ManicPs So as u can see guys most of the money that u guys pay me for gfx at the end of the month i host a goodiebag or something with that money to help all new poor people to get rich and play with us and enjoy Manic,so you shall all buy gfx from now on i posted this topic for two reasons ,one is to show people some of my work and the other reason is to explain why i do that for now i explained why and whats the future plans but now lets get to show my work hope you enjoy it leave a comment :3 love you all.Most Of these Stuff Going To Be Signatures,Logos Avatars...@@Teh Justin ~Avatars~ ~2D Signatures,Animated,Non Animated~ ~Userbars These Games are Offline~ ~Banners These Games Are Offline~ Thats like 2% of what i've created in my life x.D alot more to come most of these gfx was request this way i made it lot better but they wanted simple and most of these crazy shit also was requested simple and i made it look crazy so he can fall in love with my work so don't judge the book from it cover, idk if thats right or not i guess its not but anyways request any by chatting with me on skype keaz2fer or on forums here @Scifi or In Game Also @Scifi love You guys peace