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  1. Suffo

    In-Depth Ironman Guide

    I dont get the process i see its slightly different for iron than it is for non iron.
  2. Suffo

    In-Depth Ironman Guide

    Kiteshield great work man seriously appreciate all youve helped with here man your def deserving of co man +1 i need i ask u what u mean in the endgame ironman stuff i dont really understand the process there.
  3. Can't wait for the PK Revival! LETS GOOOO
  4. Whats good everyone. Ya boy Suffo here, So lets jump right into it, this servers been awesome all round. Im always happy to give back to the community in ways i can. I am a former admin and helped with alot of the development and pitched plenty of nice ideas to help improve the server. Im skilled in coding and understanding the underlying schemes and scripts involved in the coding for these servers. Im knowledgeable of the players and respectful to all regardless of anything. I am a big player on helping players enjoy themselves while playing. I would be more than happy to return and be a staff member again if im permitted. I was demoted due to being in a serious car accident in april which rendered me temporarily blind. I am fully healed now and i miss the community here. If you ever have any questions or need anything you can always just ask me if you would like. Wanted to see how the community reacts to this. Ya boy as always Suffo
  5. Suffo

    My absence...

    Thanks lisa. Im doing my best to get back to my crew asap. Miss you all.
  6. Suffo

    My absence...

    Hello all If your reading this yes im alive. Ive been in the hospital since tuesday last week. I was in a serious accident due to someone pulling out infront of me omw to work it totaled my car and i had glass fragments in my eyes and face. Currently still at the hospital i am hoping to get discharged tomorrow. To all my friends whom worried i am sorry i have been unable to reachout to you. Hoping all is well in the world of manic.
  7. Suffo

    Nedrin Introduction

    Anytime ned.. Welcome and enjoy
  8. Suffo

    New Player Tittles

    Macho libre. The devastator. Fearless. The snitch. The weasel. Godfather. Drunken dwarf. Speed demon. Blind and deaf. Captians hook. Devils prayer. Smurfberry Double penetrated. Akimbo all day. These are titles i wrote down incase he ever asked suggestions.
  9. Sounds complex would require new gear and new bosses created for the game itself. Would be a good idea sounds very similar to dodian but perhaps this could be more like a multiperson thing so u could either do it by yourself or bring a team to make it faster and split a total reward.
  10. Suffo

    Harry's return

    Nice to make your acquaintance
  11. Suffo

    Text Guide - Remapping keys for Manic.

    Very very handy guide sir thanks for this.
  12. Suffo

    Just a community question.

    Thank you so much for your support
  13. Suffo

    Just a community question.

    Thank you jackk for your opinion and support. Means alot.
  14. Suffo

    Just a community question.

    Appreciate your kind words friend.
  15. Suffo

    Zenys Progress

    Keep working at it bro it takes a while to get your name out there. Love u tons bud ur a good helpful guy youll make great helper if considered.