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  1. Mac

    Behemoth Guide(video)

    Nice guide specsyboie
  2. Great feature Justin. Good job bb
  3. Mac

    Should Soul Split be banned from PVP

    banning ss from pvp doesnt seem like a great idea imo.
  4. Mac

    I have returned!

    Welcome back!
  5. Mac

    Gluttonous Behemoth Boss Guide

    Very well composed guide. Good job ?
  6. Think this is one of the best updates coming to manic yet. Great work ?
  7. Mac

    Bank Placeholders Suggestion

    Great idea, organizing my bank gives my a migraine ?
  8. Mac

    conection error

    Im having the exact same problem
  9. Mac

    Hello There!

    Nice intro, Jordan! Lets hoard some items
  10. Mac

    Music screenshots

    Closer - The Chainsmokers
  11. Thanks man! Appreciate the respect, and the feeling is mutual my man!
  12. Mac

    A longly awaited description

    Nice introduction buddy
  13. Mac


    Welcome buddy!