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  1. jackk

    About Kiteshield - AMA?

    Welcome to manic bro, that is quite an intro /biography of yourself.
  2. i like it a lot hopefully this brings a lot more players to manic as well.
  3. jackk

    Updates of 12/16/2017 - PvM Chest #2 and more

    Ill grind few of these for sure
  4. jackk

    Saradomin Inntro

    welcome back saradomin, look forward to seeing you in game
  5. keen as to get the complete set, going to be a fun journey trying to achieve the complete set.
  6. jackk

    reason for my inactivity today.

    Will be in game in a few hours guys an most of tomorrow
  7. Hello manicps, I just thought id just inform everyone, that I haven't been online today because I had day shift now im currently on my night shit and I have anpther day shift tomorrow but I should go back to my normal hours after tomorrow ( this triple shift is going to be death of me:( )
  8. Yes come back suffo, glad you are all healed up and it would love to have you back in game, I would like to see you as a staff member again
  9. jackk

    Tanglefoot Guide

    nice guide mate ill be sure to try and farm them until magic sec drop keep up the good work
  10. Loving the great work justin, keen to get on and smash a few wildy bosses for 50% dr
  11. jackk

    Rev Artifact Guide for PKP

    nice guide mate, sure this will help a fair few people
  12. jackk

    5 New Donation Packages! Until 11-13-2017

    But sometimes I want to donate an not have to try an get rid of a donation box but that might just be me
  13. jackk

    5 New Donation Packages! Until 11-13-2017

    Yea I support that although it would also be nice if there were some packages aswell without donator boxes for people that are already donators because the boxes arent that high of demand
  14. I love your suggestion 100% would love to see these items become untradeable and if you lose on death pay like a npc 1B to be able to get it back, might help keep economy stable before gets flooded with everyitem, I am full for this suggestion its a +1 from me.