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  1. pvmbawz

    Figured I would finally do one...

    Welcome to manicps! if you have anny questions feel free to pm me or other staffmembers!
  2. pvmbawz

    Unjail maxxas

    I will discuss this with the other staff members, you will hear soon
  3. pvmbawz

    Hey there ! :P

    So wheres the intro ? XD... Welcome though bud
  4. pvmbawz

    Basic new player kits

    Think this could be a cool subject for the rich to give to the new, but also it makes them hungry for begging for more... so idk i dont promote it but also dont mind it tbh :s
  5. pvmbawz

    Some suggestions nothing more.

    Bullet 20. We need a masive boss list that logs kill count for each monster especially for the monsters that dont auto track the kc. Will make ratios much easier to determine We already have a bosslog, its not complete but logs allot of the bosses
  6. pvmbawz

    Hello There!

    Welcome to ManicPS if you have anny questions, feel free to pm me ingame!
  7. pvmbawz


    Welcome to ManicPS!
  8. pvmbawz

    Mac croms pvmbawz brew teh justin

    hehe thanks bud!
  9. pvmbawz

    Music screenshots

    the Diary of Jane - Breaking benjamin Riot - Three days grace Bullet - Hollywood undead
  10. pvmbawz

    PK Tournament - Manic PS 8 January

    1vs1, ill update the whereabouts soon.
  11. Hey guys Its me Pvmbawz, I'm going to host a PK Tournament Due Sunday January The 8th - 8 PM Central Europe Time. At 3xpk 1v1 fights! Rules : No Mage (Exept Vengeance ofcourse) No range. Prayers are Allowed Both players will skullfight, untill the death. Breaking one of these rules will get you out of the tournament. Equipment : Helm of neitiznot Or Berserker/Warrior helmet. Rune Chestplate/Legs Dragon SQ Shield/DFS Dragon Boots Beserker ring or Beserker ring (i) Dragon gloves or Barrows gloves Whip Fury Anny Cape, Exept Wing's Cape's Some of these items are sold at the Equipment&Melee store at home These spec weapons are allowed into the tournament : AGS DDS Dragon Claws And now for the prize of the event : A bandos set Steadfast boots Dragon slayer gloves 2B Cash Goodluck guys! May the best pker win!
  12. Hey guys, i thought it would be fun if we had a lil more events on the server. So i'm going to start to host a series of events like: Last man standing Hide n seek Goodiebag PK tournament Best outfit on the server If you have more suggestions of events, leave them down below! I will host these over the weeks,i will post a new topic about each event and when it's going to happen so you will all have a fair chance of preparing. What do you guys think of this? Leave a comment down below! -Pvmbawz
  13. pvmbawz


    It was down for evryone sorry for the incovenience!
  14. Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to read this ^^ I'm Pvmbawz on the server or Robin in real life! You might have seen me already,but i thought why not make an intro So evryone knows a bit more about me. I'm 18 years old nearly 19 in januari, might host an event then but we'll see Where do i live? : in the Netherlands What do i do for a living? : well i'm an apprentice plumber what do i do in my spare time? : Gaming, Lots of it! What are my goals in ManicPS? : help the community grow closer and help them out the best i can! If you guys got anny more questions leave them down below! -Regards Robin or Pvmbawz
  15. pvmbawz

    Loot from 100 Necromancers

    nice man! keep it going! , not to bad on the staffs 1:30