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  1. pure laiho

    Hey guys (Brenton) here

  2. pure laiho

    Phoenix Luck

  3. pure laiho


    i agree too
  4. pure laiho

    To play redownload the client

    downloaded new client and cant log in -name: pure laiho
  5. pure laiho

    pure laiho suggestions

    Hello all 1.donation shop prices are old and should be changed and more items should be added there.Items are so overpriced, only very rich and donators can get all cool stuff+ inf boxes should be in donation shop. 2.Divine rank area/zone+ shops where u can buy with coins not with real money. 3.Stronger bosses/team bossing with good drops (law runes,magic logs,rune ores and something like that drops all time )+ rare drops maybe mboxes(legendary )+different armors that are extra rare. 4.New event, maybe lucky time zone or something who wins can go in lucky time zone where u can get great stuff time based limit like 5 minutes or 10 minutes you kill monsters who have extra high drop rates with nice stuff. And event should spawn every 6-12 hours maybe lottery based? if its boss based then only strong people can go there..... 5.Item change npc/shop - maybe some new strong bandos and barrows gears,weapons or something else, for example if you get 100 bandos tassets/chestplate(whatever armor piece) you can change it to cool looking bandos tassets/chestplate with + more power/def 6.1 boss should drop wings(1 or 2) 7.dodian returns - more drops more rewards.Maybe can add there new boss(final boss who drops wings ) 8.thats enogh i think have a good day!
  6. pure laiho

    Road to 500 kills for each boss.

    sounds nice but this is pretty long journey
  7. pure laiho

    Some suggestions nothing more.

    and btw dodian bosses shold give atleast little more drops + annihilation points
  8. pure laiho

    PK Tournament - Manic PS 8 January

    wheres the battelfield , is it multiarea or its one vs1's`?
  9. pure laiho

    Drop rate!

    Am i the only one who think prestige drop rates and rows dosnt give anything to give you more chance for getting items? Justin please answer and how i can check my drop rate, does it really work or u are lying`?
  10. pure laiho

    A bit late but never to late right? :D

    brazilian is mad
  11. pure laiho

    A bit late but never to late right? :D

    nice to meet ya
  12. pure laiho

    Loot from 5 dodian chests by: Brazilian

    i dont understand how did u get last 5 keys so fast , i have l row and 23 pres+membership dr 2x i have killed hazeel(last key boss) 4 hours total and no key, wtf dude......