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  1. Dear players of Manic, we're sorry to inform you that there is player save bug occurring within the live server, causing accounts to be saved incorrectly resulting in complete resets withing each relog. The server will be rolled back to a state prior to the event occurring (eta 6 hours before this post was made.) Please be patient with us as we continue to wait for a fix! Log in ever so often to see if its returned to normal. Thank you very much, hope to see you soon! - Vi Edit - Situation has been resolved. Hope to see guys on soon!
  2. Happy to be back! :wub:

  3. Queen Vi

    Vi Is Back!

    Hey guys! I am happy to announce my return to ManicPS. I missed this community very much and I am looking forward to getting to know each and everyone of you! For those of you unaware, I was ex-admin here at Manic. I left the server due to the the time consumption of college and a job. If you see me around in game don't be shy, say hi! Have a wonderful day!
  4. Queen Vi

    DairyMilk here

    Welcome to ManicPS, Dairy! I can't wait to see you grow and progress in the community and as a player! Sometime if you catch me when I'm available I'll show you how to boss!
  5. Queen Vi

    Rare Ingame Suggestion

    +1, solid idea. Personally hate having to pick up these constantly to profit at some bosses!
  6. Queen Vi

    R.I.P Rico GG

    Yeh... PoD not going to give anything to anyone for the next five years now.
  7. Queen Vi

    Rangers Redefined *Hopeful*

    I love these ideas. I think there should be some high tiered range gear in-game. Melee weapons like Icy, Disturbed, etc. kind of shroud range as a class in general, the only weapon that shines bright through it is bcb! Great suggestions!
  8. Let's face it, the ::trivia and first to type events are rather dull and out-dated. I don't think we should do a total overhaul of the system itself. I feel there needs to be new trivia questions and better rewards for both of the systems. Keep the pumpkins, of course. c; Before we get into revamped things, I'd like to suggest something completely new with the system aswell! I think a trivia points system should be added, granting 1 per successful ::trivia (potentially in the first to type events.) A shop could be added to spend your trivia points on exclusive (tradeable or un-tradeable cosmetics) to show your proficiency and knowledge of RuneScape and ManicPS! So as a community, what kind of trivia questions and rewards can you come up with? Try to keep it in a reasonable distance, far fetched questions and rewards will be overlooked and scrapped. I will update the post with ones I find useful and fitting! Here are a couple of mine, if you don't like or find too op let me know and I'll drop 'em. Question: What prestige level is required to fight the Fire Marshal? Answer: 9 Question: How much dungeoneering points do you receive for completing all floors? Answer: 150 Question: What wand does the Prince of Darkness drop? Answer: Wand of the Underworld {optionally: wotu} Reward add-ons: 35x Frost Dragon Bones, All types of Brawlers, Crystal Key halves (1-3 randomly), Crystal Key, and Clue Scroll (Common to Rare). Rare rewards (like Fighter Torso & Abby Whip): Draconic Visage, Godsword Blades (1-3), Godsword Blade, and potentially a Spirit Shield. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think and leave suggestions. Like I said I will add if I agree or if others do!
  9. +1 I don't really dice for this reason too.
  10. Queen Vi

    ManicPS Discord

    Link to the ManicPS Discord chat! https://discord.gg/tU32DXz
  11. Queen Vi


    Welcome! Hope to see you around in-game! If you've got general questions about the game use ::staff or ask in help chat for assistance!
  12. Queen Vi

    Scale trident hits with Soul Split

    It's a mechanic that should really be changed IMO. With how easy trident is to get, it would really make PvMing too easy.
  13. Queen Vi

    Better player shops options

    Solid idea, I like it!
  14. Queen Vi

    My Puppies!!!

    Oh my gosh, they are all so adorable! You're so lucky!