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  1. hey can you please help me im unable to download the client and am unsure why 


  2. Zenyatax

    It's Finally Done

    Still proud of u
  3. Zenyatax

    Zenys Progress

    I am just wanting to know if i am doing enough .
  4. Zenyatax

    Zenys Progress

  5. Zenyatax

    Zenys Progress

    Can i get feedback on how I am doing working towards helper , any feedback is helpful! -Zenyatax
  6. Zenyatax

    Just a community question.

    I honestly think you are doing a great job at mod , you help me even outside of this game , you doa great jobb at being a. Mod , and i knoe you try to help thr commuinity as much as you can. Love you suffo buddy -Zenya