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  1. Sideswipe

    Unnecessary posts in forums lately...

    I've seen this going on. we need more forums staff. forums is being cluttered with garbage.
  2. Sideswipe

    Music screenshots

    Suffo, just edit your original post. It helps save them spaces for other players to post.
  3. Sideswipe

    Hey there ! :P

    Hey guys, what's up? I'm around 2monthsish late on my intro. but no time better than the present.
  4. Sideswipe

    Hello There!

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your time here at Manicps.
  5. Sideswipe


    Hey there, welcome to Manicps! hope to see you around in game!
  6. Sideswipe

    Music screenshots

    Closer - The Chainsmokers (Conor Maynard remix) Treat you better - Shawn Mendes