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  1. logitec

    NPCs of Home

    Awesome detailed guide Nowin! this will definitely be helpfull for newer players
  2. logitec


    Yes please, At first it was fun, but now when i logout and have headphones on its like oh ****
  3. please keep the suggestions to the suggestion part of our forums.
  4. Agreed, was alot of fun.
  5. logitec

    Some suggestions

    1) the skilling and normal prestive shop, even with the price revamp that has been issued with the last update, still are severely lacking For the skilling shop i'd like to see the addition of double exp ring, or separate skilling sets that offer 50% bonus exp, one for each non combat skill the prestige shop just isn't worth resetting for, now i'm not asking for something op to be put into it, it can be something as simple as some prestige gear (just to show off that you've done it) 2) the fast typing random event can realy use a buff.. (first one to type dfgmfdmk wins ....) its supposed to be a fun little random event but with the current prices nobody cares. 3) torva has all the coloured/custom sets, why not add some for virtus and pernix and spread them among some monsters? it'll give some of the newer places a chance to get some starting mage/range gear. 4) due to the latest beginner skilling buffs some other excisting places realy ran out dry. for example the demonic chest used to be one of the best methods for skillers to make money on, compared to the buffs on mz agility / rocktails / dragon imps.. its realy not worth the risk anymore. (if you dont hit the rare drop table, youre actualy walking away with lesser loot than save imp catching) 5) donation zones realy need a revamp.. 6) customize f keys. 7) ability to zoom in and out More will be added when i think of them again
  6. logitec

    Donation Armour Set Effects

    This was defo needed! Good work!
  7. logitec


    1. Yes please 2. not realy into it, bill ticks stack just fine 3. could use some upgrades indeed. 4. Can see players use it, not realy my thing. 5. Yes please. 6. we got something like this already, charm magnet in the annihilation shop
  8. logitec


    Nice vid yet again! keep em coming!
  9. logitec

    Poll for Sacri Shield

    Tbh, i can't see anyone meleeing with this shield, off-hands are just so much better for that style. that leaves range and magic, and for both these styles i cant see lord be that appealing so that'd leave me with either the magic or the range shield. and since magic already has a sacri wap.. i went with that one. but then again, i'm not that familair with SotL, does it have any special abilitys?
  10. logitec

    Poll for Sacri Shield

    Would be an nice addition. But, how about instead of shield of the lord, make it with merlins shield? Would be great to dual wield it with sacri eso
  11. logitec

    Loot fromm 100 barrel chest and 100 Rammernaut

    2 at once.. some decent loot, keep it up Alice!
  12. Some nice QoL updates! love the guthix dungeon one. Edit:: oreo price doubled.-.?
  13. logitec

    Loot from 100 Corp Beast

    Decent loot! Great boss to start with
  14. logitec


    Not bad! Keep it up