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  1. Ravel

    potion timers

    think u meant potion* lel +1
  2. Ravel

    Updates of 11/3/2017 - Ballershop #2

    good sht, keep up the good work!!
  3. Ravel

    Claim Your Forum Rank Here!

  4. Love the idea, please do this!!
  5. Ravel

    Sean W - Vacation

    Have Fun!!! XD
  6. Ravel

    R.I.P Rico GG

    http://prntscr.com/elbxrr This man got not one, but two lmaoo gzzzzzz!!!
  7. Ravel

    My absence...

    Its just a game Suffo, your health is way more important than this server lol, hope for a speedy recovery bud
  8. Ravel

    We got any anime fans here?

    One Punch Man Death Note Fate Zero Fate Stay/Night Hunter X Hunter World Trigger The Irregular Magical High school Naruto Assassination Classroom Erased Just a good list for now, many more available lol