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    Hello all, if you're reading this then I would like to wish you all a farewell, my time has come to stop playing. Reason - I started out a while ago with a lot of players that I got on with extremely well. It has come to the conclusion that all of the OG players i started with are no longer playing due to reasons i do not know. Therefore I am deciding to also make way. Don't get me wrong, all the players now are all extremely nice and I get on with the majority of you but it just doesn't feel the same anymore. Of course I will log in every now and then just to say hello but it wont be as frequent as I used to be. Overall this is my way of saying Goodbye. I would like to say a massive thank you to Vi, Suffo and Justin for making my stay welcome. Keep up the good work guys! Love from (TheFunniest) - Lazer
  2. Lazer

    High Alch Update?

    But what if you had the option to alch one or to alch all?! - Lazer
  3. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could high alch all your noted items instead of one at a time? Please add this in as a feature?! - Lazer
  4. Hello all, You may have seen me around in game already, as you can see I'm Lazer. I like to have a joke around with everyone so whatever I do say please do not take so personally. I already joke around with a lot of you already anyway. How Old Am I? I am 18, just turned. Got a long way till 19 What Do I Do? Well I'm currently self-employed and in my spare time I will either game or sleep tbh _________________________________________________________________________________ Will see you all in game! - Lazer