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  1. sean

    45 Crystal key Rewards

    Very helpful, gives us a look at possible loots
  2. sean

    DairyMilk here

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy ManicPS
  3. sean

    Sean W - Vacation

    Just wanted to let everyone know I won't be online for the next 4 days as I am taking a short vacation to Florida. Feel free to comment on here if you want to talk, i'll have this on my phone . Thanks and have fun! Sean W
  4. sean

    I Broke the Game

    At least it went to someone who needs it
  5. sean

    I get told nothing...

    Please disregard this post, everything has been dealt with.
  6. sean


    Bye friend
  7. sean

    150 bandos kills drop log :)

    "Free Mouse Auto Clicker"
  8. sean

    Just a community question.

    You're doing a good job to me, only thing I could recommend is how you can come across as rude sometimes. E.g. someone was asking where the general store was and you told them, but when they still couldn't find it you kinda laughed and didn't believe them... :/