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  1. dfk boy

    150 bandos kills drop log :)

    u just had to notice that didnt ya? not using it in manicps literally no point for it, 0 skills that u could autoclick for good cash
  2. http://imgur.com/a/RFMR6 so this is what i got trought 150 bandos kills (P.S. didn't pick up big bones which u get 1x ea kill)
  3. dfk boy

    Zenys Progress

    it was supposed to be a joke but since i have no sense of humour... well you're doing great you should add more "need help? feel free to hit my pm box" questions over yell when you're online if you're shooting to be helper
  4. dfk boy

    Zenys Progress

    you're not progressing :PP
  5. dfk boy

    We got any anime fans here?

    opm,hxh,assasination calssroom seen someone recommended fate stay/night so i might watch that, don't feel like starting naruto cause its like 500+ total episodes i think
  6. dfk boy

    We got any anime fans here?

    Forgot to mention these in my list #16: Sword art online (both seasons and waiting for the movie to come out), #17: "is it wrong to pick-up girls in a dungeon" or something like that
  7. So if you watch anime suggest me some nice comedy/romance, action animes this is list of what i've seen so far (might be incorrect cause don't remmember some): #1: db/dbz/dbgt/(waiting for dbsuper to be completed before starting) #2: one piece #3: bleach #4: nanatsu no taizai (the seven deadly sins),(also waiting for 2nd season to be completed) #5: mirai nikki (future diary) #6: re-life #7: akame ga kill #8: trinity seven #9: Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry(Chivalry of a failed knight) #10: sky-wizards academy #11: school days #12: highschool dxd (all seasons and ovas) #13: fairy tail (s1 and all the series with subs so far in s2) #14: tokyo ghoul #15: full-metal alchemist (brotherhood) If you have any more anime's to suggest please do, waiting for your replies, can't find any good anime to watch by myself lately so maybe you guys will help
  8. dfk boy

    Figured I would start one now.

    welcome to our small yet quite friendly community, as far as i've seen you in-game you are really friendly and honest player, do your best as a staff member now and enjoy your stay with us
  9. dfk boy

    Some suggestions nothing more.

    also jackk if u want to get rid of junks from ur bank u can always do ;;empty with the junks in inventory, but be careful so u wouldn't lose valuable items, ;;empty clears only ur inv so equipment remains safe
  10. dfk boy

    Some suggestions nothing more.

    i could add something to your list suffo #1: subjugation dropped by zammy boss (mage armour) since we have arma and bandos #2: whisper, hiss and murmur, amulets dropped by saradomin #3: Off-hand drygre and chaotic weapons #4: seasinger - death lotus - tetsu, the trio bosses #5: icy jad boss which would drop icy katana (icy torva like suffo mentioned in his post) since jad's home terrain is ice, he was captured and forced to protect the tresure - fire cape according to the storyline
  11. yeah and the point of whole this argue that alisa said "vi gave me the right to report everything i want to her so gg :)"
  12. dfk boy

    My Goals // Achievements

    you'll get there man, all you have to do is keep going. (y)
  13. you guys really should learn to read... i said if she abuses..... because alisa said that she can report everything she want to vi earlier, and if vi takes actions without screens/vids that is abusing your powers