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  1. Grim

    Grim's Farewell

    Hello all, For sometime I have always wanted to say my goodbyes to everyone. So here it is. For those new players who don't know me, I'm Grim. I have been a long lasting player of ManicPS and I think it is time to move on. Thanks to all the staff, friends and the people of Manics, it has been a great time playing. Have a great time playing on this wonderful server! Peace JK The Grim Reaper can't die!!!!
  2. Hi all. Just like to know your opinions about my ideas. Different icon for helpers. This will help the players know the staff members do, and what their role is. I just feel it is confusing is green moderator or is blue? Making staff have titles in front of their name. I feel this is a great idea so new people know who is staff without them seeing it through chat. Adding how many hours and minutes your account has played. I feel this should be in the statistics tab because it is a statistic of your account. I thought it would be a cool feature just to see how much time you have played on the game. Even add the command ::time so you can tell other players. Please comment your thoughts on these ideas. Thanks for reading. Grim
  3. Grim

    Donators Paradise Idea

    Fully support this. The server is growing and we need more of the SAME boss.