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    first vid

    Good work bro, see you round the server!
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    Harry's return

    welcome back bro
  3. Loza

    150 bandos kills drop log :)

    good work bro! maybe just add what prestige you are and what row you used ect.
  4. Loza

    I hate doing this but yeah..

    hope all goes well! see you back on the server soon - Loza
  5. Hi guys, PMed Croms in-game and he said that this was okay, and that it did not contravene any of the ManicPS rules. This is a quick text guide to the popular method of remapping keys using the AHK software. For example, remapping the W A S D keys with the UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT keys to move the angle you view you character in game. Step One: Visit: https://autohotkey.com/download/- Then download and install AHK Step Two: Once the program has installed, open up and new Notepad document. Now its time to program what keys you would like to be remapped. This is simple part to remap a key follow this simple process: (newkey)::(oldkey) For example: d::right This would move the right key to D key. This is my personal preference as is prefer using the W A S D instead of my arrow keys. To remap a new key start and new line and repeat the process. Now this key is remapped you will no longer be able to type the letter D so to combat this after you finish all you Remaps add the following line to your note pad: (newkey)::suspend This will stop the script from running and your keyboard will reset to all its original functions. Step Three: Once you have finished with you note pad document and happy with you new key locations, you will need to save the notepad document. YOU MUST SAVE THE DOCUMENT WITH .ahk AT THE END OF THE FILE NAME. For example my document is called: manicpskeys.ahk Step Four: Find the .ahk file in its save location. Double click on the file to run the script. You can use your suspend key to toggle the script on and off. Final Notes: Below is how i run my script for anyone interested. d::right w::up s::down a::left 1::f6 2::f1 3::f3 4::f5 tab::suspend Reasons for this: I prefer W A S D over my arrow keys. As i travel around a lot i play on a Laptop and my F Keys are tiny so i prefer to remap them to number keys. F6 is for my members bank F1 is my inventory F3 is prayer tab F5 is weapons tab Thanks for taking the time to read my guide! Now go and enjoy your remapped keys. - Loza
  6. Yoooooooooo!! The server is down at this current time, so being on the server for 2 weeks now i thought it was time to register on the forums! - My name is Laurence, I'm 22 and from London, England. - Started playing RS around 2005. Quit in 2011 and began playing private servers on and off for the past 6 years. I'm generally busy so could not really dedicate the time to stay competitive trying to keep up with Runescape. - Currently a serving member of the Royal Air Force. - I play a lot of Rugby so between the gaming hobby i spend a lot of time in the gym or at practice. - Always up for a laugh and will probably be sticking a few random jibes over ::yell - Dont be afraid to hit me up. Always up for a chat! add me on snapchat: laurencefew Peace!