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  1. Banks

    Net logged after loosing 1t pot

    scammed like me and a few other people, and this net guy was in the running for staff.. smh at least i paid out over 1t
  2. Banks

    Weekly challenges?

    +1 this! Sounds like a good idea and new experiences for players! Awesome thinking lisa! -Banks
  3. Banks

    I get told nothing...

    its nice to hear someone who cares about the community, i mean i know all the staff members do (some more than others) just its hard to speak to them all, i know its hard but there is times where no staff member has been on for about 6 hours because of the time difference, i have nothing against any of the staff members but i feel alisa is the only one who has really heard the community, and is putting her foot forward to helping it become a better community. i dont want this starting an argument between players and staff but something is really wrong here. From day one i seriously thought the community on here was awesome! all the people are awesome, you get your bad and good people but most of them were chill asf, but something is seriously wrong here and i hope it can only go up from here. -Banks