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    I get told nothing...

    overall i loved the community my first few days. Drop rates suck prestige is kool, drama is crazy. I'm diagnosed as bipolar and have to say this community is fkin way crazier than me. 1 minute its like the perfect community everyone is helpful and nice. next min its a fkin nightmare, arguing, abuse, ppl tryin to compare penis sizes. you get what im saying. i like the server but if players are not allowed to have an opinion there are more options out there just type ::vote and click a link to a whole list of other options. i dont wont be doing that im done with runescape if this server dont work out. i dont have any personal issues with anyone but the drama isnt good for the community.
  2. i agree but im a junkie and cant help it sometimes xD
  3. My idea is make a copy of shops like ::shop2 and ::collect2 and replace ID 995 with 1b tickets ID. Using tickets to pay will allow players to sell the more expensive stuff in shop2.
  4. Katastrphy

    My Puppies!!!

    lol they are much bigger now, this pic was like 9 months ago.