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  1. Nedrin

    Nedrin Introduction

  2. Bug tester Rank: A rank given to players who have or are willing to find bugs and report them to better the server. Which is needed and having a rank makes players encouraged to do well for the community and have motivation to continue playing.
  3. Nedrin

    Nedrin Introduction

    Hello ManicPS! My name is Nedrin, or you could call me Ned for short. I would like to start off by saying i am thankful to have found a well populated server with fun players. Only 1 day of playing and i have already maxed out my stats, many of you are really helpful and i am looking forward to meeting all of you one day. I've played other servers before but i finally found a server i am willing to stay and play! Thanks to all of you!
  4. Nedrin

    In-game Rank ideas

    I'm Here suggesting new icons and Ideas of others as well.
  5. Helper: A Status given to players who've shown to be helpful towards players on the server and who are currently able to help those of there needs.