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  1. hyb vs jad

    Can't sign in?

    Sorry I can' help but I am in the exact same boat. I'e tried to contct Justin but he hasn' answer in almost 3 weeks
  2. hyb vs jad

    Un1que here

    Glad to see you on here man. Im currently an Electrician myself
  3. hyb vs jad

    grand exchange

    I think a GE would be nice, but I also agree with Sai. The prices for items are going to skyrocket because of people overpricing things
  4. I am currently working on completing all of the achievements in-game, and was justwondering how I am supposed to get the achievment for opening 50 barrows chests when they are no where to be found in the game. Please let me know somehow whether on here in a comment or you can me in-game. In-game name is Hyb vs jad