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  1. ive decided im going to be uploading vids on manic since this seems to be the only actual fun rsps i logged on DS for 5 minutes and it's just cancerous in my opinion
  2. Moral of the story is don't gamble what you can't afford to lose. I ended up losing around 15-20 fp's in a row and end up losing everything. It's almost as every bet I lose i start to falter in whether fping is actually legit or not. It could be just insane RNG but the chance of losing 20 FP's in a row and busting for majority of them is so insanely low it's questionable. For now, I'll be taking my leave from manic but I do hope everyone who plays gets gl and remember, don't gamble your items, It's not worth it! -Sai later
  3. Kai

    grand exchange

    +1 I think this would be great. but then again, people would be overpricing stuff by billions probably.