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  1. Don

    1-99 Herblore Guide By Devyn

    Nice guide, should be pinned.
  2. Don

    Updates of 7/1/2016

    Yay! Another Boss!!! Keep them coming justin!
  3. Don

    Suggestions List Thread

    Chill @Cav Empt dam, Nice though i support them all!
  4. Don


    when they switch there inaccurate you can hit an enemy 3 times and there bar will be super low and they still require multiple hits to die. Its just misleading atm and inaccurate.
  5. Don

    How To Make A Slayer Helm

    Nice guide, Thank! Hope to see more! ~Don
  6. Don

    ManicPS Command List

    Command List All Commands can be executed in game with typing :: first Guides - Brings you to the guide forum section. Players - Shows you who is currently online. Staff - Shows you which staff is currently online. Benefits - Shows you the benefits for each donor rank. Changepassword - Changes your password. Killstreak - Checks your kill streak. KDR - Checks your K/D Ratio. Forums - Brings you to the forums. Vote - Brings you to the vote sites. Dropguide - Brings you to the drop guide on the forums. Priceguide - Brings you to the price guide. Latestupdates - Brings you to the latest update thread on the forums. HP - Alternates between old and new hp bars. 10xhits - Alternates between old and new hits. Stuck - Teleports your character home if you cannot already. Home - Teleports your character home. Train - Opens training tab Dobank - Opens a bank only if your at home. Chill - Teleports you to chillzone Shop - Setup your player owned shop CCCC - Changes clan chat color on resized/fullscreen CCSC - Changed scheme on resized/fullscreen Togglehp - Alternates between percentages and hp bars. Lottery - Enters lottery for 10m fee
  7. Don


    Add Auto Spell to SOL (Staff of Light) Add Multi Attack to Rockcrabs Add TS3 Server Highscores Fix HP Bars when switch from percentages Click on skill teleports to skill zone. Add ::thread command in game. Add Sub Sections around forums. Add more forum sections (GFX, Applications, YouTube, ETC) Add Sell All option. Will Add More As I Find Them. @Teh Justin