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  1. Rare

    Rare Ingame Suggestion

    Yeah, i agree but it should be expensive maybe worth 2B thats why i said donor points. As it would be a op item to obtain/have!. Thanks For agreeing
  2. I came up the idea of a charming imp. Instead of picking up charms it picks up trading sticks and coin drops and maybe other common drops. Could be called Item imp - Picks up trading sticks - Picks up coins - Clue scrolls - Other common drops Can be purchased through the donor point shop - For 5K points or more Reasons why - pvmers/bossers hate picking up these common drops - reduce the amount of entities/items dropped on the server, may help with lag.
  3. ManicPS Username - Rare Prestige - 3 Rank - Regular Donator Member - Yes Items obtained so far -
  4. Rare

    Weekly challenges?

    +1 For the woodcutting. It would be interesting if you could add that and maybe a custom axe which chops them faster, for skillers and money makers . Thanks Rare.