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  1. Dr Devyn

    Mando's Fast and Efficient guide to achievements

    AYY nice guide! WELL DONE Some photos would be great! this will be helpful for everyone! Thanks!
  2. STAKING: Donator Zone Showing: 100 Mutant Tarn Kills: Check them&Leave a feedback, Like&Subscribe GIVEAWAY IS THE NEXT VIDEO!
  3. Dr Devyn

    Slayer helmet

    Voted for recolouring, Buff
  4. Dr Devyn


    Yes burn i 100% agree and i hope DFS works as what you said
  5. Dr Devyn


    1. Trade Lending system. 2. Make member ticket and alot other stuff tradeable 3. Make dropping or drop party room works 4. Add donator credits (10 dpoints ) witch can be tradeable so ppl if they have extra dpoints they can buy credits and sell to people, other people could claim it witch will transfer the credit into 10 points Hope those get added^ Thanks
  6. Dr Devyn


    Goodluck with that trip! Gonna miss you :3
  7. Smallest video ever https://youtu.be/po-IOII_Dcw #DIVINE GETS MAD AND STARTS FLAMING, (edited video)
  8. Dr Devyn

    Make a new mob similar to mini corp

    100% support. Justin should go work in this instead of sleeping in bed :-(
  9. Unfortunately, I got no rare drops but got some good stuff from the clue scrolls. anyways, Leave for this video a Like&Subscribe to the channel for more videos&Give aways! Hope you enjoyed. https://youtu.be/wPxdiDtSMnk
  10. Gzz bud! Still atleast a rare drop
  11. I Have done 100 pq kills and got some loots, coins witch is about 900m total Video: Check it out and subscribe my channel: Rsps Gam3rs
  12. Dr Devyn

    Manic Ps | Youtube Giveaway Event

    WINNERS PICKED! PRIZE1: Rsps Story PRIZE2: Just addict PRIZE3: Uaabn Gz to everyone! MORE GIVE AWAYS SOON!
  13. Dr Devyn

    Just little ideas

    I agreee with those^ it will be great, also Fixed Customized login, yell title Will be Great.
  14. Comment your ingame name, Like, subscribe the channel on youtube right now! Channel: Rsps Gam3rs! Winners will be picked up after 1-2 MAX! GOODLUCK!
  15. Dr Devyn

    Updates of 7/10/2016

    Great updates like always! Thanks man!