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    My Puppies!!!

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    Very nice man
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    Remove ''Are u sure u want to drop''

    This dialog was added to stop duplications. However, adding a function where if you press the key 'Y' it presses yes and 'N' presses no would make it a lot easier to drop items
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    R.I.P Rico GG

    Damn, very lucky.
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    Rare Progression (1-2 Weeks)

    Some very nice progress man. I'm currently in the noob stages. Once i get some decent items i'll consider making a post similar to this.
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    Welcome I hope you have a great time on the server. For all the need to knows click the link - http://manicps.net/forums/index.php?/forum/16-guides/
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    Thanks for the feedback. Glad to see it's been used already And i will edit it with age on .
  8. Two

    Rare Ingame Suggestion

    Response to @Rare I like this as it also opens a lot of possibilities. Charm Imp - Picks up charms Accessible after prestige 5 Bought from the prestige shop for 2500 prestige points Item Imp - Can be customized, has an interface where you can add items that it picks up. Accessible after prestige 10 Bought from the prestige shop for 7000 prestige points XP Imp - When you deposit gp into this (50m per hour) it provides you with double xp (not stackable) Accessible in the skilling store Bought for 10000 skilling points Is a good way of removing some money out of the game
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    Nedrin Introduction

  10. Two


    IRL Name (First name only - optional) (Answer Here) Online Aliases you may go by on other servers (Answer Here) How old are you? (Answer Here) What do you do in your spare time? (Answer Here) How long have you played RSPS? (Answer Here)
  11. Two


    Since there was no format, i guess i'll make my own. IRL Name Adam Online Aliases you may go by on other servers Adam Bro Adham Adam How old are you? I am 18 years old. What do you do in your spare time? I am in a pure clan on Old School RuneScape (Called DOOM) I have recently started to lose interest in RuneScape so i decided to find a RSPS to play. And i'm proud to be apart of ManicPS How long have you played RSPS? I've played RSPS for a very long (maybe 6years+) I've played a lot of servers. I've played all the revisions you could possibly think of I have a lot of game knowledge when it comes to private servers. I know this is a very simple format, but if you want to use it i will paste it below.