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  1. TusenLappen

    Instance Dungeon Concept 1.0

    Impressive work, hopefully this will be worked all the way through, looking forward to it! If you are in aid of any testing, hmu on skype. Good luck on the coding on this. Good job, and nice creativity!
  2. TusenLappen

    Bank Placeholders

    Hey guys! I would like to suggest us adding placeholder to the bank, if that would be possible ofc. Please leave a +1 or -1 if u agree/disagree. Thanks alot TusenLappen
  3. TusenLappen

    What u on about, Tusen?

    Alright. This shiz about me, fams. Im a 18 yrs old male from Norway, named Sebastian. My ingame name is TusenLappen, or my alt named HundreLappen. I thought i'd give you guys a tweak peak of who i am and what i do as a living. Born and raised: I was born in Norway, 14th of July 1999. And lived there for about one and a half years, after that my parents decided to move to Denmark (Yes, i can speak Danish), because my Danish father wanted to live closer to his family. But ofc, as the mom, 5 years later (i was 6 at this time), she decides we move back to Norway, about 30min drive from Oslo (capital of Norway). Medical shit: Alright, ive been through some real shit. Not that im proud of it, or bragging about it. When i was about 3 years old, i had a problem with my ear, which the Doctors could'nt find out, so they had to basically transplant my ear holds or W/e its called in english. About 2 years later, i had a bloodclot in around my liver. Which has made me have to go to the doctor on checks every 2 years now (It was worse when i was smaller obv). This clot later on hit on my liver which made my doctor have to tell me that i should be carefull about alcohol and shiz, obv. Very well enough about sad shit. Do you do any sports?: I have been doing sports when i was younger. I played soccer, tennis and basketball. Didnt really like Soccer, or tennis, but enjoyed basketball quite alot, even tho i had to stop it because of work (Which i will come to later). Ive also played a little bit of golf, which i think is fun, at times. Music, do you play any instruments and what kind of music do you listen to?: Yes! I have played guitar since i was about 8 years old, when i got it as a christmas gift, not that im a good singer FeelsBadMan, but like jamming on dat guitar What music i listen to? i listen to all kind of shizz, Mostly rock 70s-90s, and some pop, really depends on my mood. My top 3 bands would be: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Volbeat and AC/DC. What do you do for a living?: Right now in my life, im a Chef apprentice at a French cuisine restaurant called Brasserie Blanche, getting my ass kicked by a french Head Chef. But later in life i plan on studying Programming, and probs end up as a programmer. *Cough* Kite, teach me some *Cough* What kind of games do you play, other than Manic?: As of now, i play just Manic, and OverWatch (OverWatch in 2018 OmegaLUL). I play league occasionaly, played since end of season 3. IGN (EUW): Indref├Čleten. I also have played and are going to play WoW when the new expansion is coming out (HYPE :D), I played quite alot of CSGO before, but quit after the R8 update, highest rank was LEM i believe. Either way, i own some games, so hit me up ingame on Manic, if u wanna play something together, if i cba ofc. What do you look like IRL?: Me IRL? Ugly asf. Haters gotta hate. Thank you all for reading about me, hope you all have a wonderful day, peace out, fams! Justin's Dog, TusenLappen.
  4. TusenLappen

    45 Crystal key Rewards

    Thanks alot for this, Super Man. Really helps out not just the newbie's who wonder, but also us who has played a while so we can tell the new players if they cba to look at forums! Much love TusenLappen
  5. TusenLappen

    We got any anime fans here?

    Shokugeki No Suoma Kuroko no basuke SAO Attack on titan Loved all those