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  1. Matias


    sounds good
  2. Matias

    Gluttonous Behemoth Boss Guide

    very nice guide my friend
  3. Matias

    background story

    hey, im matias. I first joined justins server in 2014 when it was called unrivaled gods. My friend kept bugging me about it so i decieded to hop in and check it out, there was probarbly around 8 total players at this time. I fell in love with the server and its special point systems etc. It didn't take long till i started to prestige and i was hired as helper by the time i reached 30 prestiges. Then server changed name to Ragefire. I was promoted to mod and everything was going great, untill the day justin hired a new coder and gave him owner rank in game, he fired me because i stole his boss kill at some random boss, i then quit. 2015-2016 i returned once again to see server name had been changed again this time to Manic. I was rehired after a while of helping. Then given mod and then finally admin, my main job on manic i guess was to control in-game stuff, and help towards hiring new staff while justin was coding. 2016 november i quit because i needed a break and had some stuff going on IRL. 2018 i decieded to return, happy to see server is still up and running. -Matias
  4. Matias

    I have returned!

  5. i will never forget the time you could alch a dragonstone for 300m
  6. Matias

    Loot from 100 moles

    damn you back homie
  7. Matias

    Donations and etc?

    u buy the rank with the points
  8. Matias


  9. Matias

    Member tickets

    is it really painfull to use one every 14 days?
  10. Matias


    1 disturbed whip is still the strongest in the game 2 the whip still hits 100+ which is very good 3 we have nerfed serveral boss hitpoints (to balance the melee weapon nerf) 4 disturbed whip (and all other weps that was banned) are now allowed at zombies and voting boss 5 disturbed was never "advertised" to be an OP weapon, its known for the being the BEST in the game, and still is
  11. Matias

    What's up.

    welcome to forum