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  1. This feature already exists. If there are items missing from it, let us know.
  2. On 12/21/18 it was brought to the attention of the full staff team that two (now former) administrators, Loadedglock and Xyspecsxy, were running an RWT ring under the guise of accepting donations. This was unauthorized by Justin and they were acting maliciously for their own benefit. Because of the seriousness of this offense, the two have been permanently banned from Manic. Unfortunately, due to the sheer amount of time the two staff members were able to continuously run their racket, all accounts associated with them (including some of those who purchased donations from them) have been temporarily wiped and/or banned. Additionally, the following items were the most popular ones used by them in their racket, so they have been currently completely wiped from the game: magma emperor, cold emperor, bluedream, miniguns, sword of ressurections, and armadyl battlestaves. The amount of time it would have taken us to pre-verify the authenticity of any of these items would have taken too much time, further allowing the illegitimate ones to cycle throughout the game. HOWEVER, the news is not all bad. If your account is banned or wiped and you suspect it to be connected to this issue, please send the staff team (Myself and Mother Goose) a PM both on the forums and on discord, if possible. You are most definitely the victim in this situation, so we will do everything in our power to verify no ill-intent on your part and get your accounts reinstated. Similarly, if you owned any of the aforementioned items (magma emperor, cold emperor, bluedream, miniguns, sword of ressurections, and armadyl battlestaves), you will see they are no longer on your account. Please PM the staff team (Myself and Mother Goose) with any items you have lost, and we will verify trade logs and ensure they did not come from either of the two RWT'ing staff members. Again, you are most definitely the victim in this situation, so we will do everything in our power to verify no ill-intent on your part and get your items refunded to you. Finally, if you purchased anything directly from the RWT'ing staff members, please contact myself or Mother Goose and we will attempt to work with you to come to a solution that is both realistic and satisfactory. To reiterate, please contact only Myself and/or Mother Goose. My discord is Kiwi#0285 and Mother Goose's is Mother Goose#4767. To close, I, and the rest of the staff team here at Manic, am EXTREMELY sorry for the inconveniences caused by, and extremely dissapointed in Loadedglock and Xyspecsxy. They let their power go to their heads and ended up effectively screwing a sizable chunk of our community. I hope you all can find the ability to have patience and continue to stick with Manic as we attempt to sort out this absolute mess. Sincerely, AlbinoKiwi + The rest of the Manic Team
  3. albinokiwi

    Updates of 11/25/2018 - Barrows Pets Minigame

    Karil effect is not a meme. Ruby bolt specials are a force to be reckoned with. Ahrims and Verac can be useful if you don't own a disturbed whip or for bosses where longetivity is valued.
  4. albinokiwi

    Better cash flow ingame

    What specifically? I've gone 400+ dry on say, primal boots before, but then i get 4 in 150 kills. Certain drops are coded (not on the regular drop table) so they aren't affected by the drop rate.
  5. albinokiwi

    Better cash flow ingame

    Absolutely not. The last time we had something similar to this was when the PVM gifts were 3-5b per drop. Donations spiraled all the way to 10b+:$1 and cash became almost worthless. Injecting GP into the economy like this will only accomplish one thing: everything becomes stupidly expensive. The same new players who were struggling to make, say 10b when they only had 1b, will instead be struggling to make 70b when they have 20b. The (current) influx of pure GP needs to be heavily reduced and at that point adding high alchs or a 'bil-alch' system will be feasible way to make cash obtainable for all players. Until the injection of GP into the eco is examined and taken seriously, we'll continue having this problem. Adding an extra ,000 to our currency system will do nothing other than add an extra ,000 to prices.
  6. albinokiwi

    Updates of 10/13/2018 - Warrior's Guild 2.0

    What's the Heaven Stone for?
  7. albinokiwi

    Improve Client Performance

    ManicPS Java Installation Guide ManicPS is a Java-based application, and as such, your Java choice can have a big impact on your client's performance. For the best experience, Manic suggests: a 64-bit operating system that is running the 64-Bit version of Java 8 Identifying Your OS Bit-Type Windows 7: Type "System" into your search bar and select the "System" option under the "Control Panel" heading. Windows 8/10: Type in "About your PC" into the search bar (should have 1 or very few options) Note: Having a 32-bit OS doesn't mean you can't play Manic, but for the best client performance you need a 64-bit OS (and 64-bit java). A 64-bit OS is required to install and run 64-bit Java Identifying Your Current (If Any) Java Navigate to your computer's list of installed programs (search "Programs," "Add or Remove Programs," "Apps & Features" etc). You are looking for either some variety of "Java 8" or "Java SE Development Kit 8" and they must have "(64-bit)" in the listing. Both of these programs are not required, any one of them will work. If you see "(32-bit)", don't see "(64-bit)", or see any reference to a non-8 version of Java (7, 9, 10, 11) please uninstall it and proceed to the next section. Installing 64-Bit Java Oracle made installing 64-bit java a little bit tricky and it's easy to have accidentally installed the wrong version (if you have a 32-bit browser, for example). Navigate to the Manual Java Download Page on Oracle's website and select the 64-bit option. Clicking on it should begin the download process. Once it has finished downloading, simply run the .exe file to install Java.
  8. albinokiwi

    Updates as of August 15th 2018 - Client / PVP

    Its not like the revenant table was nerfed or anything *Cough*
  9. albinokiwi

    Gluttonous Behemoth Boss Guide

    Gluttonous Behemoth: Manic's Strongest Boss Getting There: Teleport ::home and make your way to the yellow portal south-west of the bank near the Treus portal and thieving altars. Alternatively, type ::bm to get straight into the fight! General Information: This solo boss requires all three combat styles: the boss rotates which combat style it is weak to, and attacking it with the wrong style will get you nowhere fast. In general, you want to pray turmoil and deflect magic or ranged (you'll have to test which prayer works best for you, in my setup I find pray ranged to be more effective). The boss fight is divided into four main phases with multiple different mechanics in each phase. I don't personally recommend bringing full on armor switches, as that wastes inventory space which you'll need for brews. As you learn the boss, get better with its mechanics, and get better gear, you may find yourself using less brews. This allows for more creativity and more complex gear switches. Curses are recommended for Turmoil, however Soul-Split is banned from the boss. Gear: Melle Weapon: Disturbed Whip* > Sacrificial Tri Whip > Shadow Torva Whip > Tri Whip > Fireblood Rapier > Rapier of Death > Drygore Rapier Range Weapon: Blessed Crossbow** > Legendary Wolf Bow > Royal Cbow** Magic Weapon: Sacrificial Staff > Esoteric Staff > Staff of Conjuring Armor: KBD Torva > Icy Dragon > Dismal TorvaX > Blood TorvaX > 14k TorvaX Cape: Soulreaper Cape > Weedgod Cape > Any 25/45 wings > Veteran Wings/Magma Cape > Any other wings > Completionist Cape Amulet: Eternal Amulet > Vengeance Amulet > Amulet of Might > Amulet of Valor > At least a fury Melle Shield: Sacrificial Offhand > Corrupted Offhand Drygore > Shadow Torva Shield > Shield of The Lords > Plasma Spirit Shield > Kryptonite Defender Shield Switch***: Shadow Torva Shield > Shield of the Lords > Royal Shield of Ranging > Gold Defender > Kryptonite Defender Gloves: Disturbed Gloves* > Gloves of Silence > Sacrificial Gloves > Gloves of Darkness > Barrows Gloves Boots: Shadow Torva Boots > Sacrificial Boots > Godly/Primal Boots > Momentum Boots > Steadfast/DBZ Boots Ring: Sacrificial Ring > Fighter's Ring of Wealth > Warrior/Archer Ring (i) > Berserker Ring (i) > Any non-mage ring with stats Note: The recommendations here are listed in order of ease, not necessarily maximum DPS. If your set isn't here it's likely because it is not somewhat hybrid in nature or does not provide 140 hp (this hp boost is extremely helpful). Whatever you end up using, the crucial stats are mage and ranged defense, along with good offense if possible. You can go ahead and try whatever you have, the recommendations I make are just that, recommendations. If you feel I've overlooked something, let me know and I'll (re)examine it and see if it's worth including. *Requires the gloves to be the "best" weapon for the boss (healing = longevity). If you have disturbed gloves, you'll need to bring a glove switch. **Onyx bolts are the bolts of choice (rubies are banned, onyx heals). If you have a maxhit sigil or a sacrificial sigil, bring it as a bolt switch. ***While not absolutely necessary, the higher defense and maged/ranged-bonus shields help with the non-melle portions of the fight and with tanking. My Personal Setup and Recommended Inventory: My gear: Disturbed set with Gloves of Silence switch, Icy Dragon armor, 25/45 Wings, Sacrificial Offhand with Shadow Torva Shield Switch, Blessed Crossbow, Sacrificial Staff, Shadow Torva Boots, and Fighter's Ring of Wealth If you use Disturbed set or Immortal Cape, you do not need any super restores for prayer Rely on overloads to boost your stats back to 125; unless you can spare the brews, don't bring more restores than just for prayer restoration You shouldn't need more than 1 overload (35 minutes) unless your gear is sub-par Overloading should be relatively easy during most phases, a few troublesome spots will be covered below An antifire is highly reccomended for one of the phases (1-2 sips is plenty) Phase 1: Starting the Boss and Fire Mazes (100%->~75%) TURN AUTO RETALIATE OFF AND SET YOUR COMBAT STYLE TO RAPID ON YOUR RANGED WEAPON Drink an overload dose (and a prayer renewal dose), heal at the nurse, grab a full overload, activate Turmoil and Protect Mage/Range, and head into the boss room The boss will switch what style he is weak to from time to time, this is announced in the chat, make sure you're attacking with the correct style at all times The boss spawns two mazes of fire (at ~92% and ~78%) as part of the this phase Switch to your tank shield/gloves, and blessed crossbow if you have it (mis-clicking on the boss with blessed equipped will not drag you to him) Navigate the maze (shown below) to reach the wizard Stepping into a fire tile will instantly kill you, watch your step Right click -> walk here on tiles where the boss clickbox might interfere Clicking on the boss (without blessed cbow) will drag you to him, likely killing you Use Deflect Mage while killing the wizard, make sure to switch back to Deflect Ranged if it works better for blocking boss damage for you As soon as the client says "You have killed X nothings", you can run thru the fire to attack the boss again IF YOU TRY TO ATTACK THE BOSS TOO QUICKLY, YOU WILL GET 1-HIT BY THE FIRE MAZE Phase 2: Fire Walls and 'Relaxation' (~75%->~46%) The boss will switch what style he is weak to from time to time, this is announced in the chat, make sure you're attacking with the correct style at all times A simpler phase, the first threat is an occasional cross of flames thrown at you by the boss Occurs randomly throughout the phase, always prompted by a chat message Simply step diagonally from where you were standing to avoid the coming flames Getting hit by this is not super costly, as it only deals 40-60 damage A second threat is an occasional advancing wall of fire that starts at ~69% The spot to avoid the first two walls will be shown below Once the two walls crossed over, just stay south and wait for the northern wall to despawn Worst case scenario, running through the file walls has a chance to avoid damage, and they only do around 50ish damage on hit If possible, re-overload with the boss as close to that 46% threshold so you have as long as possible in the next phase without needing to re-overload Phase 3: I REALLY Love this Dragon (~46%) Note: you will not be able to further damage the boss until the dragons have been killed Once you hit the hp threshold of ~46%, the boss will spawn two King Black Dragons; use your antifire here Kill the two KBD's as normal, make sure your HP is as high as possible (160 when brewed) Killing the second KBD spawns a Mith Dragon on steroids; this is likely the hardest part of the fight The mith dragon operates on Jad-like mechanics, requiring you to pray flick based on the color of its dragonfire Blue dragonfire is Deflect Mage, green dragonfire is Deflect Range Missing a flick will cost you around 60hp and with the main boss wailing away at you, it is very easy to get combo'ed out with missed flicks Brew as you need to to stay alive during the flick-fight You can theoretically avoid having to pray-flick if you kite the dragon around the map with ranged This is time consuming and not recommended (at least by me) IF YOUR OVERLOAD RUNS OUT MID MITH DRAGON FIGHT Pick a protection prayer, repeatedly chug brews until you're at max hp (you outheal missed flicks) then overload The mith dragon drops a decent amount of brew flasks to help you restock your supplies Phase 4: A Decently Simple Home Stretch(~46%->0%) The boss will switch what style he is weak to from time to time, this is announced in the chat, make sure you're attacking with the correct style at all times Once you have killed the mith dragon and restocked supplies, the last ~46% of the boss is pretty simple He gains a Treus-like ability where there is an announcement text, and a few seconds later you take 60 damage Simply stay brewed pretty high and there will be no issues He can occasionally spawn poison clouds that stick around for a few seconds and do increasing damage if you don't run out from them Simply run away from the boss in a loop and when you get back to the boss the clouds will despawn Overloading during this phase is extremely safe if you step a couple steps away from the boss (you must attack him to trigger abilities) Sweet Victory If you've managed to successfully follow my guide, CONGRATULATIONS! You have joined a relatively elite group of people who can say they have killed this boss. At the time of writing this (07/28/2018) only five people have completed the boss (Elementalwar, Matias, Albinokiwi, Loadedglock, and Xxironxxqc) with Elementalwar getting the first KC and Matias getting the first Glorious Sacrificial Upgrade Kit. Your first kill will give you a Magma Cape to signify your accomplishment, and every kill will give you a Chest of Gains that is basically a lootbox for the boss. It can contain Imperial Gear (current best-in-slot ranged armor), a Glorious Sacrificial Upgrade Kit (used to get the sacrificial expansion items), or even a pet Gluttonous Behemoth (current strongest familiar).
  10. albinokiwi

    B> Fighter's ROW (update 6/12/2018)

    As the title says, I'm looking for an FROW. Drop me a PM on the forums or pm me ingame if I'm online. I can do cash or items. Still buying as of 6/12/208
  11. albinokiwi

    Fix Ironman

    As someone who worked on this, here was my train of thought: Access to multipliers Ironman was designed to be a solo, grinding experience. Prestiging becomes an abosolute joke if you stack a large majority of the multipliers together. It takes 4 hours of grinding to get from 0 to maxed 30 prestige if you prepare your bank and do it in 1 hour bursts of ::ed bonus. Achieving prestiges on an ironman is therefore an actual achievement. True, an "actual achievement" should have some reward attached to it and I'd be open to considering prestige drop rates readded. As for your concern about "how many months," we had ironmen prestige after 3 days of release (and that includes initially figuring out how to do everything). can't get membership The member's zone is one of the single most overpowered skilling areas in the game. Agility becomes 1 click, combat becomes 1 click, there are tons of skills located in a very small region. Again, ironman was designed to be a solo-grind so that your achievements have some sort of value. I do agree that there is currently no reason for gold on an ironman, but membership bonds are not the solution in my view. No access to vote shop VPN voting has been, and will always be a thing. Unless our voting system gets redesigned, an IRONman can simply VPN vote to get everything in the vote shop. This, yet again, goes against a solo-grind, personal achievement style of gameplay. Players can PK you and loot you I agree with half of this. Ironmen MUST be able to be pk'ed otherwise the wilderness becomes no threat. The first few days of ironman this was the case, and nearly every ironman had full PVP armor, an oblivion bow, and a couple even got fireblood rapiers from Pheonix. All with NO RISK involved at all. As for the transferring, that's a valid point. The problem is, if ironmen are killed in the wilderness and they can't lose anything, that's as useless as them being immune to PKing. Why should ironmen be able to do wilderness content without the wilderness risk? The only solution I can see to this (that isn't "normal" PVP mechanics) is that when an ironman dies, any non-protected items INSTANTLY vanish. How do you feel about that? You and I seem to have fundamentally different concepts of ironman. From what I've gathered you seek an almost "easier" experience in exchange for not being able to transfer any benefits to other players. The way ironman was conceived, however, centers more toward a personal achievement playstyle. Prestiges are no longer meaningless, they take time and effort. You can't just drop-bonus yourself to tons of drops. You've raised a good point about prestiging, however. Considering how difficult it is, readding the 2% bonus seems pretty fair. And I've been flirting with the idea of adding LROWs (40%, vs the SROW, 30%, that ironmen already have access to) so the max possible drop bonus would be 2x (40+30*2).
  12. albinokiwi

    Updates of 7/20/2017

    *cough* I'd like my credit when it's a monster I've designed *cough*
  13. albinokiwi

    Updates of 6/30/2017 - Iron Man Release

    Running list of ironman bugs: Construction NPC doesn't seem to buy construction items Durable equipment shop (anihilation npc) doesn't work (i assume this is where gold KBD and plasma are) Super and legendary mystery boxes are still purchaseable at slayer shop Duo slayer NPC allows ironmen to talk to him Vote shop allows ironmen to talk to him (::redeem is blocked though) Range supply shop is completely broken for ironmen regular addy bolts should be added to ironman range store ::trivia must be removed from ironmen any of the random ::$323msdf3#$ must also be removed from ironmen ::lottery must be removed from ironmen ::3xpk needs to be removed from ironmen rocktails need to be relocated for ironmen ironmen should be attackable in the wilderness (otherwise they're "immune" in wildy) they shouldnt be able to loot their PKs, but they should be able to pk Rock crabs don't drop diamonds (add to their drop table) (corp is a thing lul) Re-add vials of water to ironman herblore shop (the one herbs were removed from) Ironmen benefit from 2x xp server events PVP "shenanigans" (currently being worked on) Ovl scroll from vote shop must be relocated reliable torstol seed drop? Will be updated as i continue to play the mode
  14. albinokiwi

    dr devyn scammed me

    Issue addressed. Failure to communicate clearly. The issue has been resolved completely.
  15. albinokiwi

    Updates of 5/13/17

    Fresh off the presses, Teh Justin presents a new boss: Slash Bash! Accessed via ::slashbash Respawns every two hours (much like ::ed) and has an announcement 15k HP, every 1500 500 damage dealt is chance at loot (much like vote boss) Loot: 1.5-3m (always), chance for one of two anger weapons new CUSTOM WEAPONS Weapon 1: Anger Spear Rate: 1/465 at 0 prestige smoothly stepping up to 1/375 at 30 prestige Stats identical to above, replacement image coming soon Weapon 2: Anger Sword Rate: 1/615 at 0 prestige smoothly stepping up to 1/525 at 30 prestige Stats identical to above, replacement image coming soon Miscellaneous: Elite and Regular void armor sets have been fixed and now correctly detect and buff their appropriate styles