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    Weekly event coordinator

    Thanks for the feed back! Its much appreciated and those idea's are cool and those arent bad ideas at all ill definetly think them over and see wear i can incorporate what and how! Big thanks!
  2. Hello, i wanted to throw out a suggestion i feel could help out the community and help bring together the community. A weekly event or daily events could be held for either prizes or bragging rights, seeing who could do what the best or the fastest. I would like to coordinate and run events! Some events being like, example, a pvp event a bridding event everyone gets their best bridding gear and we decide maybe on a popular vote weather its a safe event or items are lost on death and we host a who can survive the longest type challange or who can get the most kills in a time period or, example 2, bring in the new players for an event, first person to hit lets say 5th prestige gets this reward and so on and so fourth i know alot of servers have been fond of this type of idea and it has worked greatly for other servers so i feel like it could have a good impact on manic. I have plenty of ideas racked up and written down that could be possibilitys and id love to go over them with everyone and see what people think, so PLEASE everyone if u like the idea let me know and give me some feedback! Also if this idea takes off and is in full effect im open to ideas for event's i can host! Just pm me at IGN- lowkey or comment or message me through forums! Thanks everyone!!