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    Hello Individuals Of ManicPS Some of you may remember me as being a Moderator a few months back. I enjoyed playing this game a lot and especially assisting players in need. I respect Justin fully and have nothing against him. To the old players that may read this, private message me through forums and I will give you another alternative to contact me. This game changed my perspective on many things and this might sound cheesy but taught me so much. From being mature like an adult to being simply a nice person I am. I was fourteen at the time I requested to be a staff member. Justin trusted me in doing it and I never let him down. He might think otherwise but I kept it real with him. I miss many of you guys including some good mates I know longer have contact with. Players include Albinokiwi, Tormi, BigSmoke and definitely more names. One in particular but I don't remember the name. Once again, if you do remember me please message me through forums and Revived'sArmy will continue to live on.
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