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  1. Xion

    Fix Ironman

    You made some pretty valid points, and I agree with all of them for the most part. Access to vote shop I fully agree with the idea that Iron Men should be rewarded for voting. They are still a part of the server and with new updates coming out to improve them the player-base for them will increase. For example, if 30% of the player-base played on an Iron Man account with no vote rewards that means 30% fewer votes, which will obviously have a notable NEGATIVE impact on the server. If they don't have access to vote shop items at least give them a reason to vote. Some other type of reward. (Example: Add 1 million experience lamps to the vote shop for 10 vote points or so) Access to drop/exp multipliers I agree that Iron Man accounts should have increased drop rates; partially agree with access to increased exp rates. Maybe instead of giving them access to the insane exp rates regular accounts get make it 1.25x (45m) -> 1.5x (100m) -> 1.75x (500m) -> 2x (2b). Give them access to Legendary Ring of Wealth too, add it into one of the shops, annihilation shop for 5m points would be pretty fair. Can't get membership This just seems dumb to me, as of now Iron Man players barely have any use for gold so eliminating one way for them to spend it, and limiting the bosses they can fight does not sound like a good idea. Remove or reduce the increased exp rate on the membership for Iron Man accounts (make it 1.25x increase instead of 2x) but keep the 2x drop rate. Players can PK you and loot you I agree that players should not be able to kill Iron Man accounts or have any way of looting them either. Custom Items I agree with this, add items only obtainable by Iron Man accounts so players have more reason to play. (Example: Iron Man exclusive wings - 50m annihilation points)
  2. Xion

    Updates of 8/3/2017

    **NEW GROUP BOSS** The Inadequacy Accessed via ::theinad Respawns every 60 seconds Health: 15,000 Every 500 points of damage dealt gives you a chance at loot (similar to slash bash & vote boss) Loot: 70k Gold [Always] Dragonchaos Helmet [1/20,000] Dragonchaos Platebody [1/20,000] Dragonchaos Platelegs [1/20,000] *NEW ARMOUR* Dragonchaos *Miscellaneous* Logs duplicating while firemaking has been fixed Box traps are now disabled at ::home 'View Shop' now only visible at ::home
  3. WORK IN PROGRESS Please feel free to give any feedback! BOSSES: **NEW GROUP BOSS** [CANNOT USE DEATHTOUCHED DARTS] The Inadequacy (can be renamed) Requirements: [Prestige 30] Max players: 6 Hitpoints: 12,500 Max Hit: 55 (melee/range attacks) Aggressive: No Armour/Defence: 250 Drops: Sword of the King [1/1500] 3-10m Gold [Always] Clue Scroll (rare) [1/150] Primal Plateskirt [1/375] Primal Full Helm [1/500] Primal Platebody [1/600] Primal Platelegs [1/600] BUGFIXES & OTHER UPDATES: Drop rate % and Exp rate are now visible via the Quest Tab Range Strength is now visible via the Equipment Screen HP bars are now the default instead of HP % (:: togglehp ) Higher max price for items in Player Owned Shops; now 100,000,000,000gp (100b), up from 2,147,483,647gp (2b) Bow of Oblivion, Whip of Destruction, and Disturbed Whip second hits now all heal from Soul Split Fixed Icy & Iron Santa hat on female models (now visible)