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  1. Serum

    Private Instances

    I agree with this, maybe a "Pick 3" system for your items? That would be pretty snazzy, and also saves on having to add alch values to everything.
  2. Serum

    Updates of 05/09/2018 - Corrupt PVM Gifts

    The chat in the GIFs is showing different items to that in the inventory, is it the masks/santas/phats up for grabs? P.S. Happy birthday for tomorrow Justin - got a notification on my phone telling me it's tomorrow lol
  3. These are some really nice and simple updates that are going to subtly improve the server! Keep it up
  4. Serum

    Furious Jay Intro

  5. Hope you are well.

  6. Kalphite Scythe (i) & KBD Katana (i) Suggestion: Allow for the combination of the new Kalphite Scythe and KBD Katana with their respective monster heads to give a +7 Strength bonus to each weapon, turning them into a Kalphite Scythe (i) and KBD Katana (i). Imbuing one of these weapons could be a new Hard achievement. What would this require?: Adding the KQ Head to the Kalphite Queen's drop table The rate could be similar to KBD (which is currently unknown) or something like 1/128 - 1/250 Adding two more models with slight colour changes to represent the imbue similar to Thoks (i) e.t.c... Coding the items to be usable with an anvil Player requirements & how to smith it: A smithing level of 90 A prestige level of 1 or higher A blast-fusion hammer The player must take the Katana/Scythe to any anvil with the respective head and a blast fusion hammer in their inventory. The player then uses the weapon on the anvil, combining it with the head and imbuing their weapon. What are the benefits of this?: Makes KBD heads useful, and helps to revive this content even further Prompts new players to prestige Makes smithing a little more useful Gives lower level players slightly better weapons Talking points/further discussion: Should the (i) versions be tradeable or bound to the players account? Should the heads be made untradeable to make people boss instead of just buying it?
  7. Serum

    ManicPS Trivia Guide

    Not 100% on the wording of the questions but these are some that are missing Q: What boss is unlocked at 3rd prestige? A: Nomad Q: What boss is unlocked at 5th prestige? A: The Grim Reaper Q: What is the most common place that Staking occurs? A: Duel Arena Q: How many annihilation points does a Thoks Sword cost? A: 300000 [300k] Q: What world is RuneScape set in? A: Gielinor Q: What level can Rocktail be fished at? A: 90 Q: How many XP rates are there? A: 5 Q: What type of monster drops a Draconic Visage? A: Dragon Q: What Raw Material is Bowstring made from? A: Flax
  8. Serum

    Whats up guys.

    Welcome back
  9. Serum

    New Teleport System/Boss Instance

    Yeah this is pretty sweet!