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  1. official 3x roll hit and total of 200 and win, rules. rules: rule 1: free try for new player's or people that are new too the game, with no player staking, only the host stakes at beginning. rule 2: give after they lose on the first try half of money they staked back as patronage. rule 3: if the same person plays 5 games give patronage of 10% from the 5th play. rule 4: only give patronage if the person is losing. rule 5: 3x roll hit and total of 200 and win, has an stake limit of 50m, at zero multiplier) rule 6: multipliers may only go from 2x and 4x. rule 7: if the person don't have dice , the host is rolling, which comes with patronage if the client loses. rule 8: if an other person is chosen too roll the dice, he must know the rules of only 3x times rolling the dice. rules 9: if an other dicer / person rolls the dice then the host, the player doesn't get patronage for that game. rule 10: if the player stops playing after many games and didn't win anything you give the player an amount too your choice. rule 11: always whish good luck too the players that are playing. rule 12: no scamming. rule 13: no multi logging for host or player. rule 15: no spamming yell chat / game chat. rule 16: always make an screenshot of the games u play. rule 17: help the person that played the game if he needs help with pest control ( only if he is asking for help). rule 18: keep an list of the people that played the game so you won't get scammed how too play 3x roll game and hit 200 in total too win if its the first time an player plays it you stake an reverse stake, that means you stake money and if you don't hit 200 in total, you lose the game and pay out the amount you wanted too stake for. you ask an player if he wants too play, then ask him for the amount he wants too play for if its bigger than 50 million you ask for multiplier 2x or 4x, that means double payout, - if you rolled 3x times and you hit 200 you lose, if you go over that you lose. - if you rolled 3x times and you hit less than 200 you win. - if player is close you can ask for an 4 hit and he pays 1/4 of the money that was staked, with multiplier this increases also. -if player is new too game pay patronage, if he plays 5 games pay patronage , if he plays 10 games pay patronage. - patronage is paid in different stages: first try 50% patronage. 5 games 10% of the last staked game and 10 games 25% of the last staked game optional reverse staking ( depends on host or hostess kindness: you stake an amount too the player but the player doesn't stake anything.