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  1. Few idea's i had for some new bosses. Feel free to leave feedback! Elvarg (Dragon Slayer boss) Requirements: [Prestige 1] Max players: 1 Hitpoints: 2,000 Max Hit: 45 (With out Anti-fire shield) 13 (With Anti-fire Shield) Magic/Melee Aggressive: Yes Armour/Defence: 100 (Weakness: Stab/Ranged) Drops: 30x Dragon Bones [Always] 1-5m Gold [1/10] Dragon Full Helm [1/75] Dragon Platebody [1/50] Dragon Platelegs [1/25] Draconic Visage [1/150] Dragon Kite shield (Can't find picture) [1/350] Warped Tortoise Requirements: [Prestige 6] Max players: Multi Hitpoints: 3,500 Max Hit: 45 (Melee) Aggressive: No Armour/Defence: 250 (Weakness: Crush/Magic) Drops: 700k Coins [Always] Crystal Key [1/100] Abyssal Whip [1/100] Amulet of Ranging [1/150] Abyssal Whip (Green) [1/200] Amulet of Fury [1/150] Clue Scroll (rare) [1/300] Warped Blade (Rapier speed, 150 slash/150 strength.) [1/500]
  2. coke dude

    New Teleport System/Boss Instance

    Good shit, hope to see this in the near future!
  3. Here is something i thought would be very helpful and a lot more organized. Let me know what you think.