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  1. Here i am again These are some suggestions needed more than new bosses that everyone keeps asking. We have so many bosses it's tim to add different stuff. PVP SUGGESTS Add some more pk events, like the extra 5 pkp on a kill isn't cutting it tbh. add killstreak drops not the ones we have now like super restore potion (2), this is not a reward a player wants to receive for hitting a well earned killstreak. at a 10 ks the rolls for bloodlust dh are nice to look forward too, but people should get like a set rewards aswell let's say pkp statue's or something like that. or totems like osrs that can go all the way up to tier 10. Add pkers cape in pkp store (5000pkp) this is just slightly better than max cape Add items into pk store like bandos gear, have a bigger shop, and have the prices variable. not everything at 300 points. we need to split this shop up in weapons, gear and misc items. Have a pk leaderbord and KDR leaderbord. Player kills should be rewarded 2-5 pkp per kill, this is random at all times, except when you have a killstreak, this should be a set reward. Maybe add more pk achievements in the achievement section, example Make a list of the weapons that can be used for pking, and add some new weapons to pking, whip of pking perhaps or anything like that. Protect items is worthless for alot of items cause they have no value assigned to them. this should be looked at. PVM IDEAS Add some random loot to every boss, some bosses only drop charms and have 1-3 items assigned to their drop list. farming a boss can be annoying if you only recaive trading sticks and charms. this is basically just farming for charms. Add shovel to any kind of store so we can complete the barrrows chest achievement, with this maybe also get the loyalty achievement working. these 2 are the only 2 achievs i know are bugged. Trivia items need to be better sometimes. or add more possible loot, maybe add in a real rare chance of custom rares. this encourages people to go for trivia, and maybe even add more questions. Add trivia points for trivia titles, like: trivia noob, trivia, novice, all the way up to Trivia King wich would be 500points. this doesnt give benefits but is just to show off ofcourse Boss instances should be expanded so you can do more bosses by yourself without getting crashed. Maybe a lootshare system for group bossing. so the people in the group dont always have the same people gettin the drops This will be all for now, i will post more when i have ideas. Let me know what you think about it or if you have slight changes to these ideas, they are always welcome. Peace Out and have a Good One
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    yep, couldnt find a better lookin picture chance but you have a sharp eye
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    Thank you Bad Kid!
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    trimmed pernix and virtus

    why not, we got alot of torva custom sets.. might aswell have virtus and pernix
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    Updates of 8/3/2017

    nice boss, lets grind it out!
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    Tri Whip = 65b cash or 50b cash + items Disturbed whip= 75b cash or 50b cash + items Major greataxe= offer or pm me in game
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    Whats up guys.

    Welcome back
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    i need a signature to put under my forum posts, but idk how to get started xd something red and black with a samurai xD
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    if you are the gfx guru and wanna help me out, i need a signature for my empty ass forum threads.
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    Bone's suggestions

    for alot of monsters it doesnt, when im at revs my character just looks like a retard and just turns to the enemy but doesnt run up and attack back it only works if i stand right next to the target (1 step away)
  11. Boneface

    Bone's suggestions

    Welcome everyone to my thread of suggestions. I hope you enjoy. It's gonna involve alot of pk suggestions. 1. auto retaliate atm this does not work, maybe it's only me. Right now on alot of monsters and bosses my character just stands there and doesn't go up to the enemy. 2. Pk options. When in wildy the attack player option should be left click on any level. right now this is right click wich slows pvp down, this is the same for duel arena. 3. Pk Targets When in wildy, you never ever get a target, even if you see people around your combat in wildy. This should be added and maybe extra loot for killing your target. 4. EP drops in PVP I have Killed people while i was on 100 EP several times, and this gives you nothing in return. Even though it resets ep all the way back to 0. We need some sort of reward for this, maybe something custom but still pk gear/weapons/cloaks/etc.. 5. Trading Stick shop (not my idea, but i like the concept) Some people would like to have a shop where you pay with trading sticks, personally i hoard sticks because i dont need the money right away. But a shop where you can only pay with sticks would be cool though. 6. Boss Pets Adding boss pets to the drop table for each boss would make alot of the bosses more interesting (like a mini grim reaper walking next to you) Right now we have a few of the pets in the achievement store, but i think adding em to the drop table would be a nice feature. 7. Drop log book Personal player drop log that you can access at any time. This would show how many of the drops at a boss you have gotten like Divine sigil: 0 elysian sigil: 1 Just an example. i personally love watching the drop logs of bosses that i've killed. 8. A Custom boss called TEH JUSTIN i've seen this in a server once where the owner made a boss out of himself, and justin i think you should aswell. Have it drop whatever you want it to drop, but make it be in lik lvl 10-15 wildy or something. 9. expand the pkp shop Right now this shop has a few items wich are good. But to gett pking started you need a pvp shop that has armour aswell as weapons and maybe some goodies aswell. 10. Trivia Point Shop Instead of the random rewards like Bones, or brawling gloves, make a shop to spend trivia points in. Answering a correct answer first gives you trivia points, if you have a 5 streak you get extra etc... THAT WAS ALL FOR NOW, PEACE OUT
  12. Boneface

    Boss Pets

    We should add some of the pets to the drop list of the bosses. like the pets in the achievement store..