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  1. Uriel

    5 New Donation Packages! Until 11-13-2017

    awesome new custom packages, people will love these
  2. Great new update, good work to everyone who helped, and to Justin for smashing out the updates.
  3. Uriel

    Prestige Guide for Dummies

    Awesome guide we appreciate it, and I'm sure it will help out a lot of people, I have attatched a .gif to my reply of a suggestion that will flow easier with this guide, i suggest people make a bank tab dedicated to skilling, that way they can scroll through and focus on everything individually, and go step by step while not losing momentum or speed while they're prestiging, thanks again for the guide. Keep up the good work! https://gyazo.com/6c82e76fde119e838054949466113042
  4. Uriel

    quick suggestion

    The 15m was put in place as a protective side for those who don't want to spend a lot of money (we all know some people make mistakes), however i back your suggestion, i think there should be an option to add a selective amount into the well to save time, and allow the players who can afford it, the pleasure of using their money to benefit the server all at once without clicking options multiple times.
  5. Uriel

    Ironman Donor

    Ironman Mode has been set out to be increasingly difficult on Manic for a reason, we encourage the players who are prepared to put in the hard yards to work on ironman because it can be extremely satisfying, however as for a shop, a lot of items that would be in the shop, would compromise the ironman mode we already have in place, I read a comment before about an Ironman only zone for high prestiging ironman, and i think that would be great, as a reward for those who have put in the work and worked to the top ranks under the ironman mode classification.
  6. Uriel

    [req] volcanic release

    Nice work bro, they look awesome. Would be good to see them ingame.
  7. I'm glad we could smash this update out tonight, thanks to those involved that helped us. Enjoy the new gear, get grinding!
  8. Uriel

    PVP tier sets

    Great work again Dubby, we are loving your designs. Keep them coming
  9. I love it, i think it's a great idea, and would definitely add another aspect to these new weapons that a lot of players can benefit from. +1 from me, great suggestion!
  10. Uriel

    Small Giveaway :)

    Great Job Patterson, the players should jump on this opportunity, keep up the good work.
  11. Uriel

    Updates of 9/24/2017 - Content Revival

    nice work Justin, great updates. I'm sure the players will love these new items and find them very useful! (PS. The Special Effects you gave them are awesome)
  12. I'm sure the community will jump on this, it's an awesome addition to your videos you've been making, good luck to all the players who enter!
  13. Great job on the videos JuceBoxx, keep it up!
  14. Uriel

    Bgs spec/Def lowering item

    Thanks for sharing the suggestion, i love the idea of BGS lowering defence stats in pvm, i think it would be a good edition and definitely help players with their bossing and pvm needs.
  15. Hey everyone, The staff team has listened to each of you and taken under deep consideration each request and opinion, we've worked tirelessly to bring you the best raid boss and reward system we can, we have and will continue to bring you new updates to enhance your playing experience so you can play ManicPS to the fullest! Here are the latest updates: We've taken under consideration your thoughts on raid bosses and we've adjusted them accordingly; Boss Round 1: Hp: 3500 - Max Hit: 36 - Defence: 248 Boss Round 2: Hp: 4013 - Max Hit: 42 - Defence: 315 Boss Round 3: Hp: 4550 - Max Hit: 46 - Defence: 367 Boss Round 4: Hp: 5114 - Max Hit: 51 - Defence: 407 Boss Round 5: Hp: 5709 - Max Hit: 54 - Defence: 440 Boss Round 6: Hp: 6340 - Max Hit: 55 - Defence: 470 Boss Round 7: Hp: 7010 - Max Hit: 55 - Defence: 475 Boss Round 8: Hp: 7723 - Max Hit: 55 - Defence: 475 Boss Round 9: Hp: 8483 - Max Hit: 55 - Defence: 475 Boss Round 10: Hp: 9294 - Max Hit: 55 - Defence: 475 Note: The max hit for bosses is set to 55 - The defence is capped at 475, we've lowered them down from the original stats, to make it even, and more enjoyable for all players. Note: The issue with not receiving the correct amount of points in rounds 1 - 5 = FIXED .................................................................................................................................................................................................... Raid Points Store Adjustments: The Raid Store Prices have been adjusted accordingly: Corrupted Drygore Rapier: 9000 Raid Points Corrupted Off-hand Drygore Longsword: 20000 Raid Points Corrupted Drygore Mace: 3000 Raid Points Wyvern Wings: 7000 Raid Points Lightning Dragon Helmet: 10000 Raid Points Lightning Dragon Platebody: 10000 Raid Points Lightning Dragon Platelegs: 10000 Raid Points The items have also been added to the price guide so make sure you check them out over there too http://manicps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1920-manicps-official-price-guide/ We hope you guys love the new update, we've worked our hardest to improve the game-play, features, and new updates and we'll keep them coming!