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    I had a 11 year one, banned :c
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    Only 9 hours psh Hey welcome
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    Dabomb's few suggestion list.

    Thanks all for the support I hope justin agrees as well.
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    guessing you mean shoutbox for the last one? if so then yeah, I agree for all.
  5. Please share your opinion staff+players. Zombie minigame that is like Black ops, im sure some of yall have seen it on rune-server or other servers where it plays by round and you earn points per zombie kill to buy weapons during the rounds to help yourself and last as long as you can, each round gets harder. Fix the stall at the ::mz so people can either not farm it by afk and auto clicker or lower the amount, since corb gave out quiet a few memberships ive seen several players just farm it so gold will be in higher quantity. (thieving) I know there is an option in game talking to a npc to change exp rates, but maybe add it when they first join? to have the option to choose between several. (ex: lord, legend. like im sure youve seen on other servers) Show players/staff online in the quest tab. Ill try to update this whenever.