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  1. hey you still playing? I cant login I forgot my password

  2. Lieutenant

    scammed by trusted dicer

    scammed from a supposedly trusted dicer Bigsmoke570. right when the bj started to begin I got a good picture of the bet 4 gods monocle first roll was 50 I said hit 2nd roll 42 so I decided stay obviously. as soon as he rolled his plays he went bust. he traded me and said -he will pay me later - why?- then he responded - when tormi gets online. - just as I was about to click trade on him I got the lost connection interface so I quickly reacted and took another screenshot of me getting ddosed. wiping the previous pic I had not saved yet... when I accessed the game he had legged it out of there taking my items and logged off. I do not trust bigsmoke570 and I do not think anyone should gamble with him. prove me wrong, pay up, then I shall delete this post fail to comply? you can enjoy being banned.
  3. Lieutenant

    ManicPS Trivia Guide

    another trivia question has been added : Q: what level is required to craft blood runes. A: 77
  4. you can tell everybody I'm the man I'm the man I'm the man!

  5. Lieutenant

    Whats up guys.

    sup bro nice post hope to see you again some time
  6. Lieutenant

    Rusty Iron Has Arrived!

    sup bro nice post late welcome but worth the read
  7. Lieutenant

    r32/a31 cefline

    yo gimie you drift bro? looks like a good missle car haha