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  1. Rusty

    Should Soul Split be banned from PVP

    Doing that I feel like would harm the server and should be done once more of a pking community starts to roll in cause right now it’s pretty lacking on a lot since a lot of people go out in crap shit just so they don’t get pked and a lot of kids rage because they got killed Nd I feel that would happen a lot more if u disabled ss Nd made more skill oriented
  2. Amazing updates as always can’t wait till I can get in game and try out the new content
  3. Rusty


    Glad to have you around man hope you stay round if u ever need nything I’d be more then happy to help !
  4. Rusty


    Welcome to manic man hope you enjoy your stay this is truly an amazing server!
  5. Rusty

    ManicPS Trivia Guide

    Thanks ill add these in, i ended up getting side tracked with other things and totally forgot about this.
  6. Rusty

    Bgs spec/Def lowering item

    I personally would love to see the Dragon warhammer added in-game, very sexy looking wep.
  7. Rusty

    FUN PK!

    Thanks for this feedback! We are looking to move this to the correct section so its easier for players to find Thanks ManicPS Staff Team
  8. I agree with extrm, i would love too see some Ironman Vids from you.. before and after the revamp. Would help show players how fun it is and also the changes that we make after the revamp on another note amazing video! keep up that good work man
  9. Rusty

    Assortment of Wings

    first ones are the wings in the raids shop
  10. Very nice first video ! Look forward to seeing more from you Keep up the amazing work you are doing!
  11. Rusty

    Nike Jordans

    Ive seen the whole set already Fckin epic looking set indeed ! Keep up that goodwork! Make sure to rep the post so we can get this sexy ass armor ingame
  12. Raid Shop Update Part 2 Well guys! it is finally here, Raid shops part 2 includes some sexy items! better get in there and start grinding those raids for those juicy rewards! Lighting Dragon Torva ~ 30k Points Each Wyvern Cape ~ 7k Points Rapier - 13k Points Offhand - 20k points Mace - 10k Points
  13. Rusty

    2x xp idea

    I do not think this will be implemented as we already have a Vote boss event for every 30 ::redeem claims to the sever.